New Technology from Volkswagen

Jacque Fresco with The Venus Project has a lot of visions about the future. Pollution free cars that run themselves, takes themselves to service and that can change color and interior design to your pleasing. Volkswagen has gotten quite far in their research. They have a video on the following link, suggesting all of this, in the year 2028. Of course, they are promoting themselves as a brand, but still, in the video the boy says “So what did you do with the car when you didn’t drive it?”, whereby the father answers “It was just parked”. Just before, their portable holographic interactive data terminal had just reminded them that they wanted to be picked up at 3pm, and says “please select the car you want to be picked up with”.

Does VW have a secret resource-based economy wish…? These lines imply that when they don’t use the car, someone else will use it. Since they can select between several cars, that also implies that the car is not theirs per se, but rather society’s. They do have total access to cars, though. I think RBE can have a breakthrough in the world eventually. This way we can all have fun developing cars and technology to the best for everyone. Unfortunately, VW has taken down the film now, but here’s the link it was on.


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When I first heard about the concept I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What can RBE be like? What will it be like??? WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE???!!!

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