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Transformation through eco-communities and gift economies

I first want to remind the readers of the question: What is relevant? What is relevant is what we really need. And what we really need is food, water, sunlight, joy, happiness, and meaningful lives. Nature itself can provide all that. Now, to overcome both the problems of the transition to RBE and problems within RBE, I suggest the following: […]

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What is a Resource Based Economy?

Resource Based Economy –noun 1. An economic system or theory of social organization that advocates a system of commodity distribution without the use of capital, credits, energy certificates, barter or any other artificial medium which denotes value. 2. A school of thought in Natural Resource Economics 3. Any of two theories of systems of social organization in which the means […]

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What is Directivism?

DIRECTIVISM -NOUN 1. A theory or system of social organization that advocates the elimination of all forms of currency as well as advocating the Direct and Proportional Democratic management of resources as common heritage of all children of mother earth; creating abundant automated distribution of all commodities and services to all people equally. 2. The creation of a resource based […]

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A Science Of Intuition By Sidney Martinez

“For science everything it discovers seem to be open to alteration yet when it comes to any suggestions of altering the method itself suddenly the scientific method is dogma and unalterable gospel.”

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Spirituality, Technology, and Sustainability

Spirituality, Technology, and Sustainability (Open Response to The Zeitgeist Movement) What follows here is a response to three of the six understandings of The Zeitgeist Movement as they appeared on November 28th of 2009. Our purpose here is to facilitate an open dialogue, discussion, and reach an understanding of sorts on the three topics choosen. We are not against the […]

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