Money and property in a resource based economy

It seems like Peter Joseph (the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement) thinks that machines will do all the work for all people and that no one will own anything in a resource based society. I think he is wrong about this. For one, people like to work and share their work, secondly, everyone like to have something they can call ‘their own’. I know that in RBE everyone will have access to everything, and that machines and technology will be so developed that we really don’t have to do anything. But this is not the point. The point is that people want to do stuff, and they want to be proud over their creation. Just look at Jacque Fresco. He, along with his partner, Roxanne Meadows, is trademarking the term “Resource Based Economy”. Why? Because it’s something (according to them) they have worked on their whole life, and that they have ‘the right to’, since it’s “their creation”. Why on earth doesn’t Fresco and Meadows, of ALL people, not give their creation out freely?  Of course, because they feel they deserve something back for all their work.

So will people in RBE. But this is where my analogy stops looking like the world we have today. I’m not saying that we need money in RBE, or property, like we have today. No. But if someone creates a painting, a unique painting, this is one persons creation and it’s up to that person what should be done with it. And this goes for all creations made by us humans. So, what would be the reward?

Answer: The reward in creating anything is: 1. The joy of creating it. 2. The joy of sharing it.

But, it is still the creators choice whether he/she want’s to share it or not. Of course, it can’t be sold, like it is today, and there will be no other reward than the mentioned joy, but still, it is and will always be the property of the creator until she/he chooses to give it away.

So, I don’t think people will be happy letting machines do absolutely everything for them. Being of service to other people will always be something that will bring joy and meaning to our lives. Be it being an artist creating art, a composer creating music, a dancer dancing, a chef cooking, a massager massaging, a doctor healing, a nurse nursing, a designer designing or a photographer photographing.

When it comes to property, it will be nothing like today. Yes, accessibility will be there for everything needed. Still, if one want’s a plot of land to grow one’s own fruit and vegetables, that should be able to be called ones own.