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Zeitgeist Moving Forward – The New Zeitgeist Movie

Peter Joseph is soon due with his new film, Zeitgeist Moving Forward, the follow up to the two previous Zeitgeist movies. Many people are waiting in anticipation for this film, that is ready for release in 60 countries and 20 languages (as he states on his page) in January 2011. The film will of course address the inadequacies of today’s […]

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The Moneyless Society – Love As The New Currency

How can it be? The moneyless society. It is very difficult to imagine, but I have been trying to do just that for the last couple of years. Basically, since I heard of The Venus Project and a resource based economy. No money would really simplify a lot of things. My whole life, basically. Well, not only mine, but everyone’s. […]

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Money For Free – Money In a Resource Based Economy

The title of this article implies that we all want money for nothing. Money for free. Is this what a resource based economy will be like? Money for free? Yes, RBE implies a moneyless society, where everything is given freely. But, will this not only create laziness among it’s people? many ask. And rightfully so. If one look at today’s […]

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The Web of Debt

The author Ellen Brown has written a book called the Web of Debt, stating, like many others that the world is in the tight grip of a few wealthy mens conspiracy to control the world. Conspiracy or no conspiracy, there is no doubt the world is in serious trouble when it comes to the international economy, and the national economy […]

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Peter Joseph Documentary

Charles Robinson has interviewed Peter Joseph in a rare documetary. Peter Joseph, the founder of the Zeitgeist movement, gives in this interview a look seldom given into his own life. How he started studying music and dropping out, partly due to too much accumulation of debt, to having a performance-like show with him playing his percussion instruments (marimba, xylophone), and […]

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