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Peter Joseph is soon due with his new film, Zeitgeist Moving Forward, the follow up to the two previous Zeitgeist movies. Many people are waiting in anticipation for this film, that is ready for release in 60 countries and 20 languages (as he states on his page) in January 2011. The film will of course address the inadequacies of today’s current social, cultural and economic system on the planet, as he has done before. What will be new remains to see, but I have some thoughts.

The official trailer implies not much more than what the previous films were about. Still, as I have heard PJ speak about this film, he has revealed that it will be more about the solutions to today’s problems, rather than more ranting on the problems. Let’s hope this is accurate.

If so, more presentation of workable solutions will be discussed, like a resource based economy (that was barely touched upon in the last film), permaculture and other sustainable solutions to food production, and probably many other technological solutions that can be utilized in tomorrow’s world, like nanotechnology and such.

There is an ‘unofficial trailer’ to the film as well. Don’t know why it is called ‘unofficial’, since it is on the official Zeitgeist YouTube channel. Anyway. In the trailer, a young Ram Dass is talking about the notion that ‘we are all one’. Maybe this implies a spiritual discussion in Zeitgeist Moving Forward as well, even though I doubt it. In any case, we all look forward to seeing the new Zeitgeist movie. Let’s hope it has a massive impact on the society we live in, and manages to contribute to the change we all long for. Here’s the ‘unofficial trailer’:

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    I’ve had an idea of trying to set up some kind of umbrella organisation of the different organisations out there who are actively seeking out alternative solutions to the present destructive ways the worlds is organised. Politics and ‘isms are obsolete. We have to find better, and sustainable ways to live. Of course I realise that all of you who are reading this are well aware of the problems.

    An umbrella could bring together all of the many groups who are working in different ways, to achieve ways that bypass the domination that the global monetary system holds in society.

    I’m thinking of groups such as The Dark Mountain Project and Mark Boyle’s Freeconomy, in particular. These are just a very few of probably hundreds out there (anyone reading this, who listed in the contacts, at the end of this mail, I humbly apologise to)

    Every organisation I am sending this open letter to, is one I wholeheartedly support 100%

    Your organisation is, as I say, doing wonderful work in proving that there are alternatives to the present dominant system, and I’m fully behind it, yet you and all of the others in this list are lone voices out there. We would be stronger if we could unite and share a common purpose. We can all keep our separate identities and methods, yet still come together to swap ideas and network – Like an alternative United Nations!

    I am just an individual, living with my partner in a small rural village, I’m a member of the local Transition Town group, (even that is 7 miles away), but am unable to get to any other larger gatherings as things stand.

    I am willing to try to set up a blog or web site to act as a staging post for all of you, if you like, so you can all send info and articles on what each of you are doing. The site/blog could become a contact point too for anyone to clink onto your own sites.

    Here is my blog if anyone wants to use it, to send in info for the moment:

    All of us are approaching the problems of today in many different ways, and each one of these ways is valid and inspiring. Now we need to share all of these skills with each other, so we can all can learn from each other as well as realize, that we are not alone. Remember that unity is strength.

    There may already be such a site/blog out there already, if there is, please let me know I don’t want to duplicate matters.

    Well, what do you think?

    Love and best wishes


    *The term Potlactch is an American Indian word, loosely meaning the coming together of the tribes. It seems to be as good a term as any for what I’m proposing here.

    Here is the list I’ve compiled so far. All of them are actively working to find alternatives to the methods of the capitalist economy and all are non political and seek a peaceful transformations.

    Groups and organisations:

  2. Hello

    I’ve just placed a comment in today’s Guardian Newspaper mentioning RBE and have given a link to this site:


    I hope more people will get to know of what you are doing now.

    I’ve also had an idea of creating an umbrella organisation, to bring together all differing groups who are working to end the domination of money in our society. I’m thinking of groups like The Dark Mountain Project and Mark Boyle’s Freeonomy, in particular. RBE is fantastic and I’m fully behind it, but it’s a lone voice out there, we all need to come together and be a louder voice. We can all keep our separate identities and methods yet come together to swap ideas and network – Like an alternative United Nations. I am thinking of sending out a joint post to those groups I already know of, to ask how they feel about this idea. What do you think?

    Anyway here is my post to the Guardian. It comes up towards the middle of the4 comments section at 29th November 1.23pm. I write as Bodhisatva in there:

    Why do many people, when talking about the greed and delusions of the capitalist system, always have to resort to other ‘isms such as Socialism/Marxist etc. as valid alternatives? When these systems also play the same games as capitalism does.

    There is growing interest in the ideas of a Resource based Economy, as first proposed by Jacques Fresco of the Venus Project And now taken up by others: Please excuse me by copying here a part of the proposal: Yes it’s utopian, but well, why can’t utopia’s ever come into existence

    A resource-based economy is a society without money with the earth’s resources distributed equally without any form of exchange, barter or payment. It is not a new communistic approach. Neither is it socialism or capitalism. It’s beyond communism, socialism, feudalism, fascism, capitalism or any other ‘ism’. It’s beyond any social system that has ever existed on this planet, at least in our awareness. In communism the state owns everything. In socialism the state owns something while the rest is privately owned. In capitalism everything is privately owned.

    In a resource-based economy the world’s population doesn’t ‘own’ anything, but has access to everything. Anything ever needed, like food, clothing, housing, travel, etc. etc. is provided in abundance through the use of our updated knowledge, values and technology. There’s no ‘state’ that is the owner of the resources, and nothing is privately owned. In RBE the world’s resources are considered the heritage of all the inhabitants of this planet, not just a select few. RBE is not a society where we will live in scarcity with few resources. It is not a society where a few control and distribute the resources. No, it is a totally new society where we let today’s and tomorrow’s technology be developed to it’s fullest to work for us, and where we utilize knowledge about nature and technology to provide a life in abundance for everyone. It is a society where we truly have the option to take care of each other instead of struggling to survive.

    It is a totally new way of life, unimaginable within today’s value system, but still something most people truly long for in their hearts. It is a world where we can call ourselves Free and live with dignity and respect for each other, nature, the planet and the universe. It is a concept where value no longer is measured by money, but rather by the joy we feel, the contributions we make, and the development we take part in. It is a society where we utilize our minds and hearts in providing a healthy life for everyone, developing our knowledge about nature and technology, and using this in the most sustainable way.

    Imagine a world without money, barter or exchange, where everything is provided for everyone, and everyone can pursue their own interests and dreams and live in the way they want. Be it moving closer to nature and grow your own garden of delicious vegetables, travel the globe and experience the wonders of the planet, make and perform your own music or collaborate with others to develop a new invention for the betterment of society. In a society where we don’t have to think about money and profit, we can truly develop ourselves and the human race into something completely wonderful.

    The monetary system doesn’t work anymore and is obsolete. This is obvious when you look at today’s world with increasing unemployment, financial crisis, endless consumption producing endless waste and pollution, not to speak of crime and wars. You could say money has outplayed its role on this planet. It produces greed and corruption through the profit motive we are all slaves to.

    There’s more info here if any one is interested:

    Warmest wishes to all of you

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