Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph on TED

As a response to TED’s FaceBook discussion ‘who would YOU like to see on TED?‘ I replied with the following:

“At least ONE person has already mentioned Jacque Fresco, the founder of The Venus Project. Not that I should speak about him, but HE should speak on TED. If not him, then Peter Joseph, the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement.

There is ONE big problem in the world today that everyone seems to miss. Like the elephant in the room. The problem is MONEY.

Everyone just takes for granted that we need money, that the money system we have is the only possibility for humanity and that if only everyone had enough money, everything would be ok.

Please wake up, sunshine.

There is no lack of money in the world. Banks create it everyday in the millions and billions. Yes, the worlds money system is based on a ‘fractional reserve banking system’ where banks can create money out of nothing. Google it. It’s not just something I make up. It has been shrouded for years though, in fancy financial terms. This ‘air money’ is lent out to private persons, corporations, other banks and even countries, and is demanded paid back with interest (which, by the way, is NOT created by the system. Thus MORE money have to constantly be created to pay the interest, and defaults are a part of the system). Even countries are going bankrupt in this insane world of money and debt.

The Monetary System we have today plays a big, if not the biggest, part in all the problems we have in the world today: Corruption, crime, wars, diseases, prostitution, pollution, poverty, and not to speak of the ‘financial crisis’, which is no crisis to the ones who create the money. Money, who largely is digital. 97% of all of the worlds money today only exists as ones and zeros in computers.

A world without money is difficult for many to imagine. No wonder, since we’re all brainwashed into believing that money is as necessary as air. But there is no money in nature. Nothing. Zip. Still, it runs like clockwork.

So, my suggestions are:

JACQUE FRESCO for suggesting a resource based economy replacing the monetary system, and founding The Venus Project.

PETER JOSEPH for starting The Zeitgeist Movement, spreading the idea of a resource based economy.

One of these persons should be SELF EVIDENT on TED. Why they haven’t been on TED already, I don’t know. I can only speculate that it has something to do with TEDs sponsors, not wanting info about something that threatens the monetary system and their operations out there.”

If you want to help spread more awareness about TZM, TVP and a moneyless society in general, you can suggest to TED as well. Follow the link on the top in this article.

8 thoughts on “Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph on TED

  1. I live today without currency with the exception of vending machines, toll booths, and tips for my barber. Living without debt (student loans) would be even better.

    I know how it could work, but it blows my mind that anyone gaining from money today would let it happen.

  2. People tend to think that all ways of thinking are immutable, and if it is seen to fail in one instance, they immediately discredit the entire idea. Science is not immutable, but people think that it is just another one of those protocols that we can try, and if it doesn’t work out perfectly for us, we should throw it out the window. No. Science is a way of establishing protocols that are subject to reformation as new evidence arrives. There is no such thing as perfection. There is only trial and error, and betterment in the process.

    People like lordylordy are the kinds of people that see this alternative way of life as frenzied fanatical utopianism, while science, the very foundation of a resource-based economy, humbly admits that it doesn’t have all the answers but is simply trying to objectively find out what they are as best as it can.

    I think a main hurdle is that people don’t want to feel like guinea pigs in an system that openly admits that it is an ongoing experiment that may fail. They’d rather go for someone who has an established protocol that is already being used and whose claim to infallibility is inherent in the dogma.

    I know this because I work in research and development. All of my work is experimental, and I’m constantly making mistakes I don’t foresee and am subsequently changing my protocols every time I realize something’s wrong to fine-tune the system I’m developing.

    It’s stressful as fuck. It’s hard for me to wish it on anyone, at least, anyone other than myself, because although sometimes I really wish we could just stick with the old inefficient, unsustainable system so I don’t have to spend my time on the headache and heartache that is the hurdles of progress, I know that I do find joy in the probability that I might succeed.

    And when I do succeed, which I have several times among the thousands of times I’ve failed, I re-experience that sublime epiphany that I don’t work to live; I live to work. There is where I find the inspiration to realize that money is no object, and that the thrill of personal success and knowledge that the fruits of my labor will contribute the wellness of my fellow man motivates me more than any amount of material prize ever will.

  3. I came to this blog to find out if pj or jf have been on TED
    and if not to ask pj about it himself as I will have the opportunity to talk to him in the near future. Your retort gave me additional material to absorb. I think there are people who have played the money game to high levels but know intrinsically that we are not on a sustainable path and that an economic paradigm based on infinite growth is just simply not possible. There must be people who have a great deal of resources at their disposal who will be receptive to this an its about time we take these ideas to those people to further the discussion rather than this armchair intellectualism we seem to be trapped in.

    To the guy you responded to. Just spending a few days actually listening to PJs ideas will disarm your argument and will reveal it as an emotional attack. Clearly something about what Peter is saying you are taking as a threat to your identity. He makes no profit from his zeitgeist movies and has stated that he made them at loss. While I can agree that peters personality can come off as snobbish and elitist
    It is intellectually irresponsible to dismiss his ideas because he’s not a guy you’d want to have a beer with.

  4. And what to DO about the failing world? I will tell you. This is about a human awakening to the reality that money is not needed, that when we crawl out of our small egos, and start to really share and contribute, we can build this world together to become the ‘best planet in the Universe’. We will realize there is no need to compete, make war, pollute and destroy. Instead we can create, cooperate and share this planet, and build our technology to the best for everyone.

    Your fears are based on watching too much TV and scary movies.

  5. Are you for real?

    Maybe what you should REALLY do is first research these two individuals and hey, you can do it for free ( in a sense ) and of your own accord using your (obvious) internet connection.

    Fresco has never built a damned one of his plans.
    Joseph is a failed everything.

    Fresco has the ingredients for snake oil.
    Joseph pushes the recipe ( barely ).

    Fresco’s mind is failing. This is normal at his age. Joseph has no such excuse. He’s just exploiting an opportunity which, really, makes him every bit the capitalist he claims to dislike.

    Here’s their essential idea: The world is run by machines and computer systems.

    “Hal….Hal?…what are you doing Hal?” – 2001, SO

    You actually believe that’s a good idea? Software running the world? Uh huh….maybe you should research the stats on s/w failures in planes and satellites before suggesting such a thing.

    The problem with these guys is they very easily ;point to a burning building and say it’s on fire. Press them to put it out, and they have no REAL specific ideas on how to do that. They tell you to stop being ‘critical’ and just watch the flames. That’s not science and it’s lazy x 1000.

    Anyone can say our system is breaking down. Anyone can come up with over 100 reasons why that is.

    What are you going to DO about it? Draw pictures of cities built on a 70’s concept of The Future? Recycle ancient blueprints? Half of Jaques stuff is barely on par with crop circles.

    Beware any person or group that abandons the critical process in favor of hyperbole.

    People are suspicious of these guys NOT because they’re paranoid or hate to see their world crumbling and in some form of denial, but because we have a system that, for all its flaws, can be verified and substantiated. In many ways, it did and has worked.

    NONE of PJ or JF’s “ideas” have ever, ever been built or tested in any meaningful, scientific way. They’re pulling shit out of the air and telling you it’s 1) real and 2) smells like roses. And if you don’t believe them you’re just delusioned.

    Don’t check your own brain at the door just because things have gotten bad for so many. Don’t check your brain to ANYONE who says,”My way is better….because yours SUCKS!” when they can’t provide solutions.

    They are not solving problems. Problem solving and problem identification are not the same thing.

    You don’t solve a problem either through identification or bewailing it. Not only that, if you don’t have the tools to address the issue….you’re F’d. So you have to build the tools.

    These guys don’t even do that. Both are very brittle to questions. One is too old and losing cognition due to the normal aging process, but even look at his old interviews dear from the 70’s. It’s embarassing.

    PJ is a career failure and is enjoying a cult of personality. Half the stuff he says is incoherent just from a purely analytical perspective.

    What’s good about them?

    They serve to remind all of us how, particularly in tough times, we won’t solutions so badly we will ignore common sense, logical discourse, and abandon critical thought ( as if it’s a bad thing, and these guys always tell you it is! So did Jim Jones, etc ) and how cults spring up. They serve to remind how willing we can become to lose ourselves in someone else’s ‘world’ when we feel powerless and impotent and frustrated in our own.

    Movements, all movements, tend towards frenzy and almost always are populated by people whose lives in some way have become severely frustrated. These movements work themselves out over time however…at costs to human life that is spectacularly sad.

    Knowing this is simply knowing History. You need no special insight for that nor anyone to explain this to you. People who tell you this are only telling you what you can figure out for yourself. But they’re not telling you how they’re working on the problem. And here’s the other general fact…

    MOST people wil not be involved directly in working on the problems. The majority never have been. And if you actually believe all your leaders were bad or corrupt and had secret agendas to destroy the present you now have, then you are ungrateful and spoiled and deluded. In which case, someone like Peter Joseph’s appeal makes sense. Most of his acolytes are exactly that. Spoiled children who want someone else to figure it out for them, to tell them what to do, how to think….

    ‘Global blah blah….’ – that’s it. That’s their entire spiel. And have you noticed how frequently they blame America for everything?

    Hmmm….ROFL! Terrible old America swaggering around the world killing everyone. Oh my….gee….are there any leaders in recent history who said as much? And what countries and parties do they belong to? And how supportive of us were they, or willing to take our filthy lucre? hmmmm??

    Research every one. Every single prophet and messiah who comes, because they ARE coming and will occur more and more probably over the next ten years in particular.

    I’m not smart.

    But human history is right there for anyone to see and learn. And you see patterns repeated and causality very clear.

    “Those who forget History are DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.”

    Period. That goes for cults too.

    1. Hi,

      Yes, I am for real. And you don’t have any more meaningful arguments yourself, it looks like. You seem more like you are raving.

      When it comes to PJ and JF, they are perfectly viable candidates to TED, and nothing you have said alters that, even though I do agree that JF is getting old. That doesn’t mean SOME of his ideas are not viable. I don not advocate everything he says, and that’s why I started this blog, to explore the possibilities of RBE independently of any organizations.

      Speaking about TED, Mark Boyle, ‘the moneyless man’ has already been on TEDx, talking about an ‘alternative economy’. He is a former economist, having lived without money for over 2 years now. He says that ‘the monetary economy is not the only economy, economy is about meeting your needs’. And the Monetary System for sure has not succeeded in meeting the needs of the population of the planet. If you think that, you are the delusional one. www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr1NUkIXd_c&feature=related

      A Resource Based Economy is not about The Venus Project or The Zeitgeist Movement. They are advocating RBE too, but they can not alone create it, of course. You seem to think that anyone advocating RBE is advocating TVP and/or TZM. This is not so. This blog is neutral in that respect, aiming to analyze RBE independent of the mentioned organizations, as said.

      You might want to read this article about how RBE might work on the planet: www.theresourcebasedeconomy.com/2011/06/will-a-resource-based-economy-work/

      It seems to me that you are the one that should read up on both RBE, TVP, TZM, PJ and JF. You don’t seem to know much, and discussing anything in length with you would be like discussing higher mathematics with a 5 year old in kindergarten.

      But I thank you for commenting, you make the arguments in favor of RBE stronger and stronger.

      Thank you

    2. @Lordylordy Lol next you are going to tell me they can’t make cars that drive themselves www.youtube.com/watch?v=Atmk07Otu9U

      I think you are the one that needs to do your research everything Jaques has mentioned Technology, Monetary or Socially has been or is being tested by Scientists somewhere they just haven’t put the whole picture together yet.

      Just reply with a list of what you think he has been sketchy about and I will find you the reports.

      Please think before you write dude. Angry outbursts are so, not productive.



    3. “Lordylordy” are you trolling? Or are you serious? …..Lookit how you wrote all that by yourself.I’m proud of you.go back to bed now,u have a biiiiiiig day tomorow.hush now.You know how cranky you get in the morning.

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