A Whole New Paradigm

Activities Without money asks ‘how can we make the moneyless society happen’.

Quoted from their FB Page:

“Activities without money is a community group which connects people and organises activities that are totally free for everyone. Photography workshop, outdoor yoga, language practice, equipment sharing, poetry reading, sports, music, environmental care and so on… Every person is important and can benefit society. Everyone is invited to join us and get involved in creating this community.”

This is a great idea! In the line of the Freeconomy community that already exists. You ask how we can make this happen? Well, to me it seems like it’s happening already. More and more people sharing skills and activities for free. And on the Freeconomy page, one can share skills and stuff.

Maybe we could have and ‘Activity’ page specially for activities like the ones mentioned also. Beware, though, that there is already A LOT of free activities going on all over the world! Everything from football to music, dancing to yoga.

The ‘only’ way a moneyless society can happen on this planet is exactly like this; People doing things for free for each other and becoming aware that, hey! we don’t need money! When this is the majority of people, money will loose it’s value, and the rest will be forced to live the moneyless life as well.

It is like we have ‘two worlds’ today. The extreme money focus that exist in the media, in businesses, in stock markets and in the banks all over the world. And at the same time more and more people who want’s to live without money and do things for free. It’s a ‘war’ on a global scale, where the banking cartelle starts to loose power and people are waking up to other possibilities.

Very interesting times. And I think what has started is an unstoppable ‘wildfire’ that will spread across the planet more and more and burn up old thought patterns wherever it goes, leaving the possibility for a new ‘freeconomy’ to flourish.

What of course needs to happen as well, is that even owners of land and big companies with access to technology and resources starts to share that too, realizing that this is for the best for all of humanity. When that starts to happen, there will be no turning back to the old, and there will be a whole new paradigm on this planet.

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  1. Hi Harald,

    Thanks for your encouragement regarding starting a discussion about 3D printing and 3D scanning and how this technology could emphasis on COULD help remove barriärs in manufacturing and dismantle an economy based on false scarcity.

    What got me going on this topic was an investment newsletter outlining the currrent state of this technology. The author used the anology of the frog in a hot water bath… jumps out immediately when dropped into hot water but sits camly if placed in the water and the tempurature is raised slightly and gradually until he’s cooked. The point: this technology is futher along than many realize and the day will come and soon when it could shift the resources paradigm dramatically.

    My hope is that a discussion not really one article could raise awareness among us frogs.

    The first step is to understand what 3D printing and 3D scanning is and does and there is no better way to accomplish this than watching Jay Leno in his garage using the technology to make a car engine part for a rare vechile in his collection.

    (about 8 minutes)


  2. I am all for this approach to life “the way of Jesus” where everyone works for the priveledge of others’ happiness, we are of course the same breed “Humans”, Free colleges that train untrained people to use their skills for others. Builders build our homes in return we grow fresh fruit and vegetables for them etc etc.. Ilnesses would mostly banish as most illnesses are caused by todays environment food, polution etc. Wouldn’t life be a pleasant experience if this was the case. There is too much greed and selfishness in the world today. Let us live FREE in abundance to achieve happiness for others and ourselves, we were made this way i believe.

  3. BTW, people already do LOTS of free things, and do so especially in a Capitalist society.

    Check out: www.khanacademy.org/

    Education. For free!

    The capitalist west is the home of OpenSource concepts, where people work toward goals together.

    This is why capitalism is such a miracle. It produces SO much wealth, SO efficiently, there is excess human potential that is spontaneously given away. Look at Google Earth and all of the other free Google tools. The West also gives FAR more worldwide, especially America.

    America ALMOST didn’t happen, however. The earliest settlers at Plymouth Colony organized themselves without money or property. Gov. William Bradford kept a diary of the disaster that cooperative arrangement arrangement brought. Many died.

    Eventually, Bradford issued land to each household as their property, and that each individual and household should work for themselves, and not a cooperative arrangement.

    “This had very good success,” Bradford wrote, “for it made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been. By this time harvest was come, and instead of famine, now God gave them plenty, and the face of things was changed, to the rejoicing of the hearts of many.”

    “The Tragedy of the Commons” is very well known, and very well understood.

    No group that tries it will get ahead. Many groups that try it will disintegrate or perish.

    This is old news… tried many times, and is a concrete lesson of history.

    Until you can say what is to be done with people that are deemed to be faking illness, or are too naturally idle, there is no balance in your approach.

    Those on welfare, for example, when given housing, food, clothing, education, energy… are the least productive of all, consuming far more than they produce, and instead of advancing, we see such persons and families become entrenched into poverty that spans generations, becoming permanent.

    1. I think there is a huge mix up of premises here. Capitalism is not the reason why people give to each other. Capitalism is rather an expression of the part of the human mind called ‘the ego’, while when giving to others, the other part of the human mind is expressed, the part that see others as one self.

      And the ego is a learned thing in our society. Children naturally give away everything they have until their parents/family/friends/society states that ‘this is yours’ and ‘this is mine’ and teaches them equality/inequality.

      So, giving to others is more an expression of the true human nature, while capitalism is the expression of the opposite, the ego.

      The whole struggle we have in the world today is not really about money/no money, but rather about ego/no ego.

      We can never have true RBGE without a ‘spiritual’ awakening with people moving away from ego mindset to community mindset.

      We can still have property and ownership, it will only be used in a totally different way. Instead of exploiting others to maximize profit by what you own, you happily share what you own for free. For sharing and giving gives so much more back than hoarding and trading.

      This is something that has to be experienced, but when one does, going back to the predatory, narrow minded, Scrooge like, penny counting, number masturbating, money mindset, seems impossible.

      Instead one want’s to stay in the extremely liberating feeling a moneyless world creates. No more accounting, no more bills, no more loans, no more profit before people.

  4. I wish I had found this site sooner, but now that I have, I intend to
    > use it.
    > I have begun writing about a transition plan for achieving a RBE. I am
    > not an academic, or even qualified in any trade, but I have thought
    > long and hard about the problem, and the answers I have come up with
    > are as follows can be found in these 3 blog pages:
    > robcayman.tumblr.com/ChangingTheWorldDraftOne
    > robcayman.tumblr.com/TransitionSummary
    > robcayman.tumblr.com/TransitionPreparation
    > I hope you will at least take the time to read it, and tell me what
    > you think does and does not work.

  5. Free alternativies are becoming stronger. This is the Internet revolution, Internet made this dream possible, and will certainly do it. RBE will become a reality thanks to Internet. !

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