Waking Up – An open source film about a positive future

Do you want to contribute to the writing of a film about a positive future with a resource based economy? Now you have the chance. There’s a scene made from this film, called Waking Up. And it is an ‘open source’ movie, meaning that others can contribute to the writing of the story, the script and to the realization of the whole film through it’s website. Take a look at the scene here:

If you have trouble watching the clip here, or would like to contribute with a translation, you can go to the YouTube version.

This is a submission to the Cinema Out of Your Backpack film festival. If you like the clip you can VOTE for it by Pressing ‘Like’ on the clip. You have to hover the mouse over the clip and the ‘Like’ button will appear top right. You have to log in or become a free member on Vimeo to do it. Last chance to vote is the last day of July 2011.

The film is about Ben, who froze himself down in 2010, in the hope that humanity once might be able to thaw him up and cure his disease. And this is exactly what happens. In the year 2110, the world has gone through massive changes towards the positive. Both technology and human values has developed into a whole new world, positive in all aspects for humanity. One of the aspects is that money and property is gone, and people do things for other reasons than hoarding wealth. Waking Up is about Ben’s experiences in this world and the difficulties he faces in waking up to this new reality.

In the scene, Ben is walking in the woods with his newly acquainted guide, Aweena. He has only been awake for a few days, after several weeks of curing and restituting his body while he was asleep. He is a bit confused, and can’t really understand what has happened. He feels somewhat attracted to this new world and to Aweena, but at the same time he has trouble believing it is real.

This movie is a unique chance to actually contribute to describe and create what the world will look like in a hundred years, and what steps we can take now to make it happen.


21 thoughts on “Waking Up – An open source film about a positive future

  1. m.soundcloud.com/th3prodigy/dustin-rosa-wake-up

    Song I wrote inspired by this movie!


    Wake Up

    Wake me up and describe it out to me
    So I can open my eyes and say if I agree

    Because we’re making this world up with how we speak
    And appraising its health with how sound we breath

    Wake me up to a world of change
    Vested together to maintain this plane

    Because the money leads to a land of greed
    There will be nothing left
    So believe that our passions are free..

    Build, heal, give, teach, stock-up, clean
    Protect, Pilot, Brew up drinks
    Self-serve, take turns, turns out we love everything

    self automated dreams of technology
    Lets give it every last blood-stained penny….

    Wake me up…wake up!!
    Heaven is in where tomorrow begins….

    1. He picks it up later…. 😉

      It’s a metaphor for him ‘throwing of the old world’ and liberating himself, dummy. 🙂

  2. Its a good film but the girl should know the histary of the past so she helps the guy beter. The rest is good.

  3. This short little movie is really cute. I wish they could make a whole movie out of it.

    But it also shows some serious complications. People from today could never live in a resource based economy we would be totally helpless.

    1. That’s only what you think. And that’s what we’re aiming to change. What people think. As what we think is what is creating this world. 😉

  4. The “sheriff’s meanies” have stolen all your peanut cows … world wide.

    The plutocracy form of government, has no need, nor the incentive to care; you are gravel on the road. I guess that could be summed up as phase 1.

    Phase 2: The plutocracy is now in metamorphic mode; from plutocracy to autocracy, expect rapid, and even more, collateral damage!

    If you care about the monetary religion U care about the wrong system.

The swap meet: Money, politics, religion for Autonomy, purpose, mastery; be patient, nature and science will help us sell it to a battle worn autocracy[park the subconscious mind, activate the creative; we do have a cognitive surplus]

  5. Here is a link to a world far outside the pithy misinformation of the economicbible.

    … U have been temporarily stripped of your role as partisan, but u must hurry, or your fear of lose will once again, take over your next breath.

    U are a fly on the wall in a meeting u are not invited to attend …

    Now, stfu and listen

    U have 23 minute window to do something that your incumbent economic religion absolutely forbids; critical thinking
    Check out the title, the first 3 short, paragraphs … Question: is this infighting under the guise of opportunity? Is this the bankster’s, so intent on breakfast, as to add plutocracy, chasing the bacon and eggs out of the fry pan? Next question … If this is all they have … why are we so concerned about these simple minded bastards?

    Why return to the dilemma; the high fear induced profile? … take the time to ask yourself far better questions than those I suggest.

    Fight them? Hell no, show them! Tell them, if they are lucky they can join us far out beyond the tank yard fence. 50 years of oil has left it’s stench.

  6. There are 3 of you.

    “A bird and cat and I were alone out here, greeting the day together.”

    You, a bird and a cat under nature’s umbrella, each is nourished by and nourishes, a healthy flow of life’s information. Life works.

    A bird, a cat and you, under an artificial, monetary construct stops the flow of life’s information dead in it’s tracks. With time, unfortunate events take on exponential characteristics for life, as nature will push back hard to weed out the source that stops the flow of information.

    There are 3 of you … Which of the 3 is the source of the obstruction of information flow?

    Why is America [and all who co-mingle money with life, for that matter] committing suicide? Money is based on the emotional fear of loss ; certainly not on critical thought.

    “You make the assumption that your emotions are somehow special and are exempt from the realm of biology. Perhaps every bit of your consciousness is just code. Isn’t that what DNA is? What’s the difference?”

    Could u guy’s put a “bird and a cat” in with Ben and Aweena

    1. Hello again evolutis. A bird and a cat…? Not 100% sure what you mean. But if you refer to the reality of this world and consciousness, I will include thoughts about that in the film.

  7. I like what you have done so far.

    May I suggest – www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31510813/#44009135 please watch all … just 7:18 minutes

    In the interests of “Crispness, crispness, crispness” … Perhaps we could start an open source prototype, “gaming” platform wherein people can immerse into moving Ben and Aweena through various trial and error sequences.

    Instead of “I want to beat you in a debate” … we want to challenge you to make the world a better place; please, slick back your hair, lick your eyebrows and join in an open source game that you have a hand in developing.

    All of this may well lead to developing a table of options, or progressive wiki of sorts.[what we have, what we need] May I further suggest one open source prototype under the Zeitgeist umbrella and one that would be a challenge for the new “curious culture.” under an autonomous, umbrella.

    1. Yes, I would like to include an developed understanding of our minds in the film. Definitely. The game idea is a good one, but beyond the scope of this film, but definitely something others can venture on to if inspired.

  8. This is a realy great idea! Mostly because it has the potential of showing in images how a rbe-system could work. I think that is a realy important tool for a future transition which is still missing. (or I just haven’t found it jet 😉

    I totaly love the scene.
    I hope though that the future will not be shown too bright and too perfect. To be real the system needs some problems within but the movie should in this case also show, that the problems are being solved as we watch…

    Thanks for posting it. I will follow the creation process and contribute.


  9. I suggest a transition to the waking up somewhere in the story being something along the lines of what I’m trying to do as part of my campaign for President. Shift science and education to the forefront, eliminate killing while transitioning military efforts to helping people, and eliminate money as a limit to human progress.

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