Will You Do The Job You Have Today Without Money?

I am doing a little poll here.

It would be very interesting to see how many of you would do the work/study you do today even if you didn’t earn any money on it . Maybe you would do exactly the same job. Maybe you would do it with some modifications. Or maybe you wouldn’t do it at all.

I would like you to write a comment below and tell us the following:

  1. Write YES or NO or MAYBE to whether you would do your job/work without money.
  2. Describe your job and explain your answer.
  3. More elaboration if you like. Like, what would you do instead if you wouldn’t do the job you have today.

The premise for the above is of course that we have a resource based economy with no money, trading, barter or ownership, but with access to everything you need to live a good life. Society needs to go around, and some jobs would still be needed. Thus, the jobs we do must preferably be liked by the ones who do them.

Many jobs will be phased out by either it’s own nature (like banking) or by automation. In any case it would be enlightening to see if you have a job you hate or you love, or something in between. And whether your job is really contributing to society or if it can be phased out in a resource based economy, and what you would do instead.

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166 thoughts on “Will You Do The Job You Have Today Without Money?

  1. I don’t think i can do the same job, because i sell computers and stuff in a computerstore. But i repair them too, so maybe i can do it in the New rbe.

  2. In a RBE I would pick the job where the most people were needed as a way of giving back to a system that supported me with the provision of goods and land. Anything else I was interested in I would pursue in my spare time.

  3. I would most definitely do what I’m currently doing (software engineer) and much more! I would dedicate my life not just to my family but to learning other skills/trade where I can be of help to others. If I could get _UNFETTERED_ access to the highest quality education and resources then why limit myself to the job I do today?

  4. I would continue as an engineer and musician. I’m involved in community makerspaces, food-growing and bartering networks. The importance of community and community building has grown for me over the past two decades – I see that as a key element to getting through the upcoming challenges.
    After ten years of systems engineering, I mainly practice “ecological engineering”, a form of technology that also builds community.
    The money isn’t good…but the payback is huge. To make a living, I teach music, work as an engineer part-time and have a part-time business. If I had to drop one, it would be the business. If I lose the business or part-time work, I can still make a living.
    The community building work has expanded a network of resources, minds and friendships that are invaluable…supporting each other through hard times.

  5. The specific job would no longer exist because I work in a monetary/fiscal/financial related sector, but the skills Im using now could be used to create/maintain the logistical systems and educational systems of a RBE (alternate use). Though I might allocate a small part of the time to such activities and more time for my family and to various projects and development with other people that would find they also have more free time and access to the resources required to create and help.

    Imo a transition would for some time, require a lot of work, and potentially mandatory work a few days a week (4, 3 or 2 days). Since it would not be fair to have people that do less pleasant work being told they have to do it full time, I think that more people should do these on a part time basis. Im throwing ideas here, but if a janitor thats currently working 5 days a week was asked to choose between working 5 days a week as a janitor, or work 2 days a week as a janitor and 2 days a week volunteering on other tasks and/or training and/or as supervisor/trainer for people doing janitor-duties part-time, he might prefer the 4 day work week with the 2 day janitor block. This however, would mean that there is about 12 days a month where someone else would have to do the janitors job, either about 4 people get a 1 day a week janitor duty, or 12 people get a one day a month janitor duty, or 24 people getting a half-day shift a month. If there is little enthusiasm for the job, it would be nice to make it easier for everyone to make the janitors job easier by making a number of tasks easy as self-help. For example, anyone seeing there’s an empty roll of toilet paper could have access to the closet and replace it himself, many would not do it for various reasons but a few would take the 10 seconds, or might push a button to signal the info to the janitor on duty.

    Then if you ask someone working in a bank 5 days a week, if they rather continue the job 5 days a week, or work 2-3 days a week doing something else plus 1 day (or 1 half day) a month doing janitor-esque tasks, Im guessing many would go for the 2-3 day workweek. You might start with 1 day a month, and as people are out of monetary-related/automated jobs this could go to half-days a month and for janitors now janitor supervisors might go from 8 days a month (~2 days a week) to 4 days a month, then 2 days a month, then 1 day a month.

    Im guessing more people would be more aware(throwing their garbage in the garbage bins), and more people would be thinking about and developing ways to automate these duties; longer lasting light bulbs, passive systems, prevention configurations/materials/etc, floor cleaning robot, central vacuum/garbage transit system, etc.

    Im not sure how mandatory blocks of time for jobs no one wants would be attributed, maybe a relatively random draw among individuals that volunteer for task for which theres a truck load of volunteers (so people who would step up for less popular tasks and would volunteer more days per week would be least likely to be drawn for the lest popular day-a-month tasks) ?

  6. I might add this… oops! If you are finding nothing but negatives in a resourced-based society, might it be possible for you to take those negatives and find the positive solution? That would help us all immensely. Take what you see will not work and think upon it, from your heart, and find what YOU feel would work, please. You might be amazed.

  7. What a beautiful blog!!! Thank you to ALL who have contributed…

    Yes, I would ecstatically provide my passion… massage therapy, body work, body treatments, etc. without being paid paper currency. Everything is about reciprocation of energy; therefore, I would much prefer the resource-based system. My life is about assisting others to heal and become self-empowered.

    As to some of the negatives (energy which allows one to view & make choices as to whether or not to participate), they are tools which, if allowed, help us to expand and grow. There very well may be some gut-wrenching down & dirty stuff needing done in the transition. I agree that there will be many volunteers ready, willing and able to assist in moving forward so no one and no thing is left behind. I can see myself participating in this as well.

    Moving forward, there will be better systems that are no longer ‘perceived’ as negative which people will joyfully participate in assisting to maintain. I do not mind the idea that each of us is required as world citizens to help for alternating time periods to maintain the ‘structure’, if you will, of a resource-based society. I would think that each of us would want to be an integral piece of the puzzle in knowing how our system works and to make sure it stays in keeping with the original intent or moves forward in a more positive manner instead of creating and leaving it for someone else… which is partly how we arrived where we are today.

    A new day is dawning requiring a new mindset, a new system and people who will passionately grab hold living from their hearts instead of their minds. The origin of native cultures was a resource-based society. Negatives will always be around to help us choose a more enlightened path.. or not. We are at a crossroads. It is as simple as that. As Einstein stated (paraphrasing), “You cannot solve today’s problems with the same thoughts or mindset in which it was created.”

    Human nature is not what we’ve been told throughout the ages. DARE to look inside. Greed and all the things prevalent in today’s society are due to fear and lack. Both are generated by those in control of this machine for their own reasons… mainly fear. If not fear, then it is their idea that it is best for humanity; however, it is a different road reaching for the same ending, but with more negative experiences than positive.

    It’s a choice whether you prefer to live consciously (today) or subconsciously (DEEPLY through the heart). Evolution awaits us all… it looks at us beckoning us through each sunrise, each action, each person, each choice. May love guide you home to YOU.

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