Short Film Stories From a Resource Based Economy

As you all might know, I decided to “take a couple of years off” from the Waking Up movie to gain more experience, get a bigger network of movie production contacts and the likes.

One of the things I would do to gain more experience is of course to make more movies. I’ve had some ideas to some shorter and longer films thrown at me, but non that would be very easy to accomplish on a small budget. And, of course, I would like to make films about a resource based economy or with an RBE setting of some sorts.

So, the idea I got was to invite you guys to write new stories and short film scripts that can be accomplished on a small budget. And if you don’t feel up to it yourself, invite others! 🙂 Target script writers around the web and inform them of this.

I figure 10-30 minute scripts would be good. And the setting would be closer to our time so that the technology and surroundings can be more or less what we have today. It can be stories from the transition period, just after the transition period or in some kind of future in a setting where we don’t have to use any CGI or show any new types of non existing buildings or technology.

The important aspect of the stories would be the values of the people. It can be stories of young people, old people, researchers, scientists, artists, factory workers, car sales people, teachers, anything! The only ‘criteria’ would be to somehow show the values of a resource based world. Whether it is about generosity vs. greed, compassion vs. indifference, sharing and giving vs. trading and buying/selling, ownership vs. usership, money vs. gratitude, you name it!

It will be a much ‘freer’ approach than with the Waking Up movie which is based on one particular idea (Ben waking up from cryo) and set to a future far away with a whole new technology, and thus will end up as a much more expensive film to make. I really hope to make the Waking Up movie one day, with all the bells and whistles, CGI and special effects. But, as I have said before, there should be many films made about RBE, and with this new approach we can be the ones that starts this!

I also thought that since this would be something very different from the Waking Up movie website (which will still exist until we get around to making the Waking Up movie), there should be a separate website. I thought that ‘RBE Stories’ would be a good name for this new website, and bought the domain ( was actually taken by a guy who gives away his stories there for free. He is practicing RBE without knowing it…! 😉 ).

The new website isn’t up and running yet, but I will install a new WordPress theme on the domain soon, and also open a new Google Docs collection for the stories. The new initiative will be 100% open source and public domain as in the CC0 license:

To take this even further, it will be open for both screenplays and stories that can be made into screenplays. And since it is all public domain, it will be open for all film makers on the planet to pick and choose whatever stories that might appeal to them to make films out of them. The films can be crowd funded through IndieGoGo/Kickstarter or the like and be published to YouTube. Films can even be shot on cell phones without a budget! It can be all levels of complexity.

All the stories will be open source and can be further developed by the online community. They can also be branched into other stories and be shortened/lengthened or built upon. The website can be a resource in terms of imagining the resource based economy and what it can be like. The stories can both be read as they are by anyone and be a resource in themselves, but also be made films out of. When films are made, the film team (director/producer/writers, etc.) will have the final say in how the story will be on the screen.

I would of course be one of the film makers that would be very interested in this and will follow whatever appears here closely. I hope more film makers and writers will find this interesting and join this project! If there’s a story that doesn’t appeal to me personally, maybe it will appeal to some other film makers. If there’s a very appealing story that appeal to more film makers, well, then maybe there can be a collaboration, or maybe there can be more film versions of the same story!

What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Short Film Stories From a Resource Based Economy

  1. omg. i had the same idea for a film, lol. this is gonna be great. i guess i’ll add to the script later.

  2. If you apply old ways of thinking, current linguistics and make comparisons to any existing “ism”, you will not get buy in from society at large. You need to build this from scratch.

    1. Can you please expand on what you mean by ‘old ways of thinking’ ‘current linguistics’ and what have you in mind when you say ‘from scratch’ Thanks

  3. Just an attempt at some some positive input – hope it s taken as such.
    Having seen the Zeitgeist movies I have noticed a steady move towards a more ‘professional’ appearance – I would just like to say that adding weird sounds and graphics if not done will detract from the seriousness of the message reducing the presentation to seem ‘crazy’ or ‘cult’ or ‘anarchist’ status We need to make the points succinctly and professionally.

  4. I think if I were writing it I would do it in epochs or ages. First off I do not think we will see the kind of Technology that Jack Fresco indicates until some time down the road. By that time humanity will have evolved into a true Type 1 Civilization.

    It is more likely that you will see several periods of time in which there will be small scale sustainable communities. In fact that is what we are seeing here in the US with the Earthship communities.

    A lot of things are in play here, 1) how quick will humanity move fully into a automated society. 2) will we reach a technological singularity? 3) Or will w hit a massive sociological collapse first.

  5. just a idea, maybe in the far future a RBE can be as devoid of required tasks as imagined, but in the near future a LOT of activity will still be required for society to function (even if things are automated to various degrees. more things become self-service and some needs are prevented better design/prevention,etc). This means there needs to be a mechanism for people to know what are the needs/tasks for which volunteers are required, what learning/skills and tools are required, what is the schedule, who can coordinate/tutor/help, which time period/who is committing themselves as back up in case the main volunteer cant make it. If the majority of tasks that are required (for which there no overflow of volunteers) are spread to a large portion of the community/population, I assume this work week can be reduced to a few days a week with a few months of vacation a year. Things cant function without coordination and organization.

    So I imagine a system where you can see various jobs on a display, where jobs tasks for which there is a low number/ratio of volunteers are highlighted and jobs/tasks/projects get a priority category(ex:Emergency, Operational, Maintenance, Leisure, Project). You see what training is required, have access to this training(obviously for free) and can, commit to a volunteering period, or a stand-by period (for tasks for which there is a main volunteer at a given period, but where a situation could warrant extra help, such as the main volunteer is sick/etc or a situation causes fluctuation in demand/work than what was forecast).

    In a community where auto-foodmart-machines are appreciated, there might not be waiter/barman posting, but in a community where people would like at least one old fashioned local restaurant with actual people greeting them, if there are people interested in working as such great, since it means some of them need to volunteer to do it for this personal service to exist. Those that volunteer sign-up for some periods, so that other volunteers know when there’s a need for their services. If the community restaurant only has personalized service on Friday evening, its ok if its reliable, but if they go on Friday and theres no one because of bad coordination or no back-up/stand-by then its not a great customer service experience.

  6. With people who fully understand RBE I think it would be simple to do vids of what typical lives would look like …. Just somthing simple …. Like if I lived in a resource base economy what would I be doing , what would I be learning with my time , where I would be going , and what I would be contributing to the society …. I guess filming a day in the life of a resource based economy …. I love racing and building cars , teaching Parkour , learning about physics , industrial design , social design , and traveling … So with my life in a resource based economy I would wake up and have a camera fallowing me through these events through out my day or week … A cool idea would be to make videos of people as there futures selves telling them selves how much better life is in a resource based economy is …. So people can see the pros of the RBE and the cons of the monetary system …. I honestly don’t think we would need any cgi or advanced looking building or structures …. U could do this or film this with the way things are now …. It would take a lot of ass kissing to get access to certain places and facilities such as race tracks , grocery stores , and schools but it might not be as hard as we think ….

  7. It’s exiting to see so many people recognizing the necessity for a cooperative social arrangement. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

  8. Start to write setting for script about rbe month ago (without knowledge about this site)

    Greetings from Russia

  9. Hi Harald,the world socialist movement are shortly holding a weekend workshop on film making so I’ll pass this link on.

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