Some New Videos On The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project and From Peter Joseph On Democracy

The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement and a Resource Based Economy is constantly gaining more and more momentum, resulting in a constant flow of new creations of cultural expressions like these videos.

The two guys from the London based website and YouTube channel ‘London Real’ contacted me (or rather, their ‘Public Relations Coordinator’ did) with a new video interview they had done with Jacque Fresco, asking me if I wanted to post it on the blog. I found the interview not really bringing up anything new but the old anecdotes Mr. Fresco is always using, but I found an interview with Ben McLeish of The Zeitgeist Movement UK that was slightly more interesting. I post this here for you:

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And for those of you who haven’t heard all of Mr. Frescos anecdotes, I do recommend listening through this interview. He is definitely quite funny and has a lot of good points:

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And if you want some more in depth dope, take a look at Peter Joseph’s latest venture, Culture in Decline, this time on our so-called Democracy:

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Peter Joseph turns out to be a first class entertainer!

17 thoughts on “Some New Videos On The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project and From Peter Joseph On Democracy

  1. Plenty of very good opinions and solutions here. I agree, the planning can go on forever and a “perfectly painless” solution is not going to be found. We need a plan and commitment to use certain procedures (Scientific Method, or non-monetary) to address and resolve all issues encountered, or else it will be a short lived experiment. With the proliferation of digital media, all of this information being put out there, as good as it is, just gets lost in all of the noise. The awareness grows and wanes and really nothing is happening. Fresco is brilliant but he is not going to make this happen, he is not the one who is going to lead and spearhead the movement, he is merely the lead architect. The time needs to come very soon when a resource based economy is actually formed, and begins to thrive. Only then will people stop questioning, and rejecting it. Its just human nature to do that. So until its actually working, its really not going to be much more than what it is right now. Actually they just need to get the seed planted and growing. How hard can it be in this troubled economy to find some folks who believe and have nothing to lose? How about starting in Detroit? That would open up a lot of eyes…we just need to supply plenty of guns and ammo and some tech to deter crime.

    Just saying, there are a lot of really great films, sites, blogs and ideas out there, there have been for some time. The TZM Global podcast is talking about music and diet and other garbage…

    Its all become noise and chatter. Waiting for our curren system to fail sounds like the logical thing to do, but I have a feeling they can keep this thing on life support longer than The Venus Project or The Zeitgiest Movement. We arent getting any younger….the middle-aged people that are moderately successful or “middle-class” have the mindset of hard-work eventually pays off, and to live beyond their means through credit and off entitlements. They think they will get ahead, and that everyone gets what they earn or deserve. They know people are starving, and dying but they dont care. Its just like they were brought up to fear God or else, but they dont see God, so they just do whatever they want. They dont see the starving and dying people, thus its not happenning, or its their own fault. They dont see an RBE so it doesnt work, and they must do what they see works right here, right now. They will be around for a long time. They dont want to hear this RBE stuff, they dont remember life before the Fed, and before consumption,computers and technology made it easier to enslave entire societys. Coca-Cola, gasoline, autos, and homes would cost virtually the same for decades. Now it just doubles every decade. The old will die off, and the young are split into those who continue to be enslaved and those who cant. The time to act is now. I see a lot of increased awareness but yet we are still not even one bit closer to an RBE than we were 3 years ago.

    Even a less than perfect or unsuccessful RBE seed project can be valuable towards the future, learning will have occurred, the next attempt will be better. Thats planting a seed, and growing through learning and doing. Learning and awareness are useless fodder without DOING. Take it back to biblical teachings, Jesus had to get up and LEAVE his town, and turn water into wine and perform miracles to gather a following. Believe in it or not, even back then humans knew enough to write that in order for people to change or follow, one must not only preach, one must act and do. Its pretty simple human nature which is still valid to this day.

    1. You are completely right, of course. I think most people, even Mr. Fresco, does’t actually know WHAT to do. How do we get from here to there? That is the question. If you can answer that, we have gotten a very long way.

  2. Hi Bill,
    Good to hear from you

    I have compiled the questions that I have been getting as follows

    1 If money is to be eliminated, would the value of resources be set up to determine how to use them most efficiently, for example to ensure that a less abundant resource does not get used for less important products or functions

    2 Would a person’s contribution be valued in say credits per hour depending on the relative value of that contribution and would that then replace money for enabling trading? If so what factors would determine the credits per hour for various contributary efforts

    3 People become very attached to some property (for example tools, musical instruments, artwork) would they be able to have long term userships of items like that

    4 One problem with producing items that have a very long life is that people like change and when something breaks down has the advantage of offering a chance for change. Would people not object to having, say , the same house forever?

    5 What if more people want something than is available – who gets what and why?

    6 How can a community be established that transitions to RBE within a world that is as at present?
    How would that community operate in relation with the current world
    How would the inhabitants transition to this city – would they still pay taxes etc owed to the current system?
    How would the inhabitants be selected – based on their ability to contribute?
    What skills would be needed to start with?
    How would we ensure that essential the skills are passed on to children, how would priority based on necessity be factored in?
    What is the minimum size/population for this community to funtion as an RBE?
    What would need to be built and set up before the city can start to function as an RBE

    9 The notion of equality of all human beings. I can understand equal rights under the law, but clearly different different people have different abilities. In the current system the more capable and hard working usually end up acquiring more rewards whether financial or otherwise. How would the notion of matching rewards for contributions be addressed in an RBE?

    10 Religion – how will the ‘ours is the only true religion’ communities react to the proposal of an RBE? What thoughts are there for introducing the RBE concepts into these communities?
    Or is the only way forward to set up an RBE community and lead by example so that those suppressed in various communities will see a better option for them?

    11 How wil racism which may be an ingrained part of human nature be eradicated? ‘Racism’ is really group competitive behavior – the smallest being family vs family, then the village vs village, then county vs county and so on

    12 How will city be defendd against hostility from the outside

    I know the answers to many of these questions are already there at various places in this blogg but I envisage that the movie would consist of scenes showing these answers.

    I will add more questions as I encounter them.
    Perhaps the movie can be following a day/week/month/year in the life of several people in the RBE community. Or maybe it should not be just a movie but a serial which removes teh pressure to pack the material into a fixed time.

    Hope that is useful


  3. OK, kind of a depressing ending, but great video. So, what can those of us who agree with most of what was said do? I don’t like the idea that change is impossible. I believe if just enough people wake-up there will be a domino-effect. I don’t want to see it get bad enough before we start doing something about it. How about starting a model RBE system society in some island in the Caribbean? How about gathering those of us sick of the current system (I believe we are in the few millions now) and coming up with the “funds” or help to put something like the Venus project into full force? It will be much easier to help others migrate to a new social model if it is fully functioning and healthy somewhere in the world, to serve as a guideline. All the talking is great, but where is the action? There are countless young people willing to help out. Why hasn’t this taken off yet? Will it happen in our lifetime?

    1. Hi Bruno,
      imo knowing the problem is a first step, but as seen with occupy wall Street who did not have clear objectives nor a plan of action, that is very far from being enough.

      What is needed imo, is a prototype organization, as different from a RBE as a Seed is different from a Tree, that can operate using some of the methods that could be used in a RBE-like society, and grow.

      Imo Venus Project appears to be trying to create the end result without the progression to get there, a tree by shaping mud and clay instead of a seed that will grow and evolved into the result, and on top of that they appear to do so without consiering the present social environment and resources/methods available, like trying to build the “ideal” house, in a swamp, without considering you are in a swamp. If you want a functional result it needs to take into account the environment with its challenges and opportunities. Dont get me wrong, I wish VP succeeds and Im sure good ideas will emanate from it, but I would not place all my eggs in that basket.

      Imo what the buildings look like in a RBE prototype community, is almost irrelevant, whats the most important imo is to map, plan, draw, HOW the people within interact/cooperate/organize within the community and with people outside the community who may be sympathizers/supporters, or just individuals and companies that can provide products and services the community will need(unless its a caveman survivalist self-sufficient community, which is not what I would want), this means you at the very least need to manage money for *some* external exchanges while trying to ‘minimize the need for it’ as an objective.

      Once someone has a clear plan prototype, describing how society functions, then I think it will be easier to gather funs and start building it. There may be more than one prototype model, which is good, various groups have various preferences of lifestyle etc and they can learn from the good ideas/methods/tools and from the failures/unexpected-effects of the other models.

      “but where is the action?”
      I agree. We are talking about building a house. We need to take action. The first step is to design a plan, so that many people can then work together in a coordinated fashion. If different people start hammering wood planks without a plan the incoherent result will crumble at the first wind.

      1. I couldn’t agree more with your whole comment, Renard. We need a seed, and we need a plan. This website was started exactly to figure out how the RBE society would actually work and how we would get there. It is the people of this planet that will provide the answers to that, not one or two particular organizations, even though they of course play their parts as well.

        There are more and more thoughts coming through now, and I can see the development happening in the minds of many people. I think the seeds are planted, and the plans are taking shape. Look out on this website for more developments.

      2. We need to take action? From where do you know that?`Why worrying?
        Aren’t you exactly reproducing the framework of our world like this? What if you just do what you like to do until you are forced to do what you have to do? I want to create a farm with thousands of differenct varieties of plants to grow. I like that. Artificially augmented biodiversity. Augmented human diversity too. It’s not better. It’s not the solution. There is no solution. Looking for solutions is part of the problem.

        1. The comments here are from extraordinary people! Critical thinkers are what we need to move the human race forward. They have a complete grasp on how to approach this concept for a new world. I’m fascinated by smart people who just seem to get it.

          Transitioning from a monetary society however will take “money” to establish a transitioning technological society capable of showing that our technologies can take us to the RBE.

          I am currently creating a film – “Can A Resource Based Society Really Work?”

          Of course I believe it can… but alternating the mindset will take time and experimental examples of success. Once the mentality is turned based on the obviousness of this need… the human race will become something so spectacular, and awe inspiring…it willl be an awesome time to live!

          1. This is excellent.

            I keep having a hard time conveying how RBE can work to colleagues.

            There is never enough time and peoples’ existing mind sets keep blocking my attempts.

            I have been wishing for a movie of an RBE society in full working order.

            So far the best success I have had has been to ask people to imagine that they carry on life as usual but just that money is no more needed – everyone just carries on acquiring what they need and the whole set up just continues to operate.

            This resulted in a lot of discussion which otherwise would not have taken place.

            I wish you all the best in producing this movie – please try and include workaround solutions to the typical mind blocks people come up with.

            If you would like I can produce a list of the hurdles people present most frequently.

            1. Hi Sirtaz,

              Thanks for the response! Yes please give me any examples of the mind blocks. I am compiling information and ideas at this time.


              Bill Jennings

              1. There seems to be a problem – I am writing this by clicking the reply button below Bill Jennings February 20, 2013 at 04:02 starting ‘Hi Sirtaz’ but the last two times I did this my reply ended up at the top of all comments instead of staying below Bills comment

            2. I agree 100%. Just eliminate $$ from our daily lives and continue with what we’re doing. Sure, a few will lose jobs, mostly jobs that didn’t create anything useful (bankers, accountants and the like), but they won’t be missed and those people can be re-purposed into caring for the agricultural areas…

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