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We welcome you to submit your original content. is an independent blog for people interested in a resource based economy, with all it’s aspects, from giving and sharing to technological advancements, social systems, and more. We author and aggregate mind-opening articles, editorials and videos that inspire the world of our readers and liberate them from the status quo.

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  • Topic Understanding: Unless you feel certain about the topic of a resource based economy, please make yourself familiar with it before submitting articles. Use this siteThe Venus Project site, The Zeitgeist Movement site, or other info you might come across.
  • Word count: There is no minimum word count, although minimum 300 words would be fine.
  • Links to other content: Please search for information and links to certain topics before you link to other sources.
  • Tone: We welcome posts both in the third-person and written in a more personal and direct voice.


  • Original content: We welcome original articles and posts that are not already distributed to other websites, but are unique to personal blogs or are original to
  • Marketing driven content: We are not interested in articles that promote a specific product or service, or are designed with the purpose of link building to boost SEO efforts.
  • Acceptance notification: You will be notified about the acceptance of your article within 7 business days. We appreciate and thoroughly read all submissions, although we may not be able to personally engage or respond to all contributors and writers.


We will gladly include a short bio of each contributing writer, including a byline, links to personal blogs, websites, businesses, Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc. Your contributions will be promoted to beyond The Resource Based gift Economy to a growing online community, further allowing you to leverage your writing into a successful endeavour.

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5 thoughts on “Invitation to Submit Articles

  1. Pedro, “Next-Gen Resource Based Gift Economy for Prosperity” How about that or this can be used as tag line like “Next Gen Economy – Resource Based Gift Economy for all People”. 🙂

  2. Hey Harald, I don’t remember seeing “gift” in the blog title, last time I dropped by. Nice touch, though. If you eventually need a more extensive label for the next-gen economy, considering the myriad of concepts flying around, here’s my current shot at it: “Resource-based open-source network-governed prosperity-driven gift economy”. Getting that down to one or two words would be awesome, any ideas? An acronym?

    Anyway, I did write a small article 10 months ago on why I don’t use the vanilla term RBE anymore: . I’m not sure whether it is the kind of stuff you’re looking for, though the thought process on labeling RBE and alternatives is there, which could be an interesting subject for some people. Choosing the most appropriate words to communicate concepts is a very challenging task I’ve learned from my past year activism activities.

    I’ll stay glued to see what comes out of the submissions, maybe I might also come up with something new in sync with what you’re after. Get creative people!

    1. Hi Pedro, very interesting article and I completely agree with you. I have mention the many terms for this on this page:

      Resource Based Economy (RBE), Natural Resources Economy, Resource Economy, Moneyless Economy (MLE), Love Based Economy (LBE), Gift Economy (GE), Priceless Economic System (PES), Trust Economy (TE), Voluntary Collaborative Economy (VCE), Sharing Society, Resource Based Society, Moneyless Society, Love Based Society, are only a few possible alternative terms for this.

      And now you have one more. A good one I would say. Still, I think no term will fully describe this alone.

      Please feel free to submit your article for publishing on this blog as well. It would be good to have a discussion about it. You can now register as a contributor directly. I added info about that in the above article. 🙂

      1. I take up your challenge, Harald. I’ll expand on the original article, by adding what I’ve learned in the meantime and also integrating some of the suggestions you and Sushant commented. I should get it done for review in a couple of weeks. On the lack of better ideas at the moment, “The Next-Gen Economy Concepts and Labels” will be the working title.

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