Transitioning to a Green Economy

While we’re facing grave economic and environmental challenges globally, Holigent addresses both issues with the Holigent Village—a blueprint for redesigning and reconstructing the way we live, work, commute, consume and govern ourselves.

Holigent Village Los AngelesThe Holigent Village is a proposed live/work, car-free affordable housing community with a hybrid socioeconomic arrangement. It’s a bottom-up approach that can be implemented one community at a time, branch out into networks of similar communities. then go worldwide, reducing the burdens (and power) of centralized governments in the process.

Physical aspect: The Holigent Urban Village will be a walkable, human-scale pedestrian community that consists of low-, mid- and high-rise mixed-use residential and commercial structures. The majority of its residents will be the employees of businesses that occupy the office, commercial and light industrial spaces. The Village will also feature a shopping promenade, parks with recreational facilities and other public spaces.

Critically, many of the features of this compact community facilitate a transition to a post-carbon world. The village will utilize the most advanced green technologies in local energy generation (wind/solar), recycling and waste management, water reclamation, bike- and electric car-share programs, light rail and local food production in the form of rooftop gardens, vertical farming, etc. Aside from a low carbon footprint, this non-sprawling and efficient layout promotes the myriad of health benefits that accompany increased physical activity.

A Holigent Urban Village will not sprawl beyond its designated capacity, so that walkability is preserved and the need for long commutes is eliminated. To satisfy growing demand, additional villages will be developed and joined by a high-speed train or monorail.

Delta Plan 1The economics: A Holigent Village features a hybrid socioeconomic arrangement known as the Delta Plan. Resident workers earn salaries at the local companies, but also do community service for community credit; they can then apply that credit in varying degrees to their rent. The nonprofit management company invests rental income back into the community. This flexible arrangement ensures somewhat of a “firewall” against recessions and depressions. There is no need for home or car ownership in this setting. Please see the attached document for specifics on the Delta Plan.

It’s possible that by addressing social, business and ecological needs together in a holistic way, a new and more secure quality of life will emerge.

As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to make the Holigent (holistic-emergent) socioeconomic and environmental sustainability concept and community retrofit and reconstruction guidelines widely available to individuals, organizations and institutions. To that end, we created a free online course outlining our principles and how to put them into practice. You can find it at As of this writing, we have nearly 200 students—many of whom probably found us by searching “sustainability.” As you know, there’s a real hunger for that—and not just in the sense of renewable resources, but SYSTEMIC sustainability that takes the whole person, community, country and world into account. We think the Holigent Village concept offers social, economic and environmental justice, quality, and sustainability. Looking forward to thoughts from fellow societal innovators; we’ve read your posts with a lot of interest!

Delta Plan 1Delta Plan 1

2 thoughts on “Transitioning to a Green Economy

  1. We need more people involved in creating a much more eco friendly planet.i have started a petition which I hope will eventually make a difference,as I really feel if more people came on board and supported this course and others like this, it would be very beneficial to people and the aim is to get funding or sponsors from greener companies to help home educated children and possibly even parents gain new skills that will support the new world that we could create.People are happy to work but ive found more and more people are not happy working for and in the current corporate companies we have today.if we want to create a better world we need more people to gain new skills and adapt their mind-set to help support a more sustainable life for themselves and their communities.ive wrote to a local group that help people with greener projects in their aim is to try and get greener companies involved with these projects and to not stop there,but to help our communities gain the knowledge how to maintain and build more eco friendly environments and teach us skills.once we have the skills we could hopefully have more people accross the globe ready and able to be employed and help support the goals of environmentally Friendly companies .if this could be a project carried out across communities,this could potentially be even more wide spread.The more people and companies on board and working together to create and achieve the same goal of a greener environmentally friendly planet the better and the greater the outcome for our future planet.I love the idea of a money free world but in order to set that up I feel we all need to work together to help create that future as the governments make this very hard to achieve so I feel.once more people join together and want to achieve the same goal then I do feel this is possible.If I could be any help to greener companies and my future groups could work together with greener companies please send me a private message 💚

  2. Interesting idea, however it seems like moving backwards instead of progress. Money is still used, so its inherent “evils” remain and in order to have a pedestrian city it could be no larger than 5-10 miles across. This is quite small and with world population going crazy this hardly meets the needs of our world. I feel the world will say “yes” to ideas like this and they will be proceed in a small scale. This seems to be the way we progress, in layers. I mean we still have native villages in this 21st modern time and we will continue to just add layers of complexity to the system. I look forward to the day when the world becomes money free and Love Based.

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