The supplement market has a slew of products that promise to accelerate muscle building to almost miraculous levels. When embarking on a body-building mission though, an individual should have some facts in hand. Regardless of how well manufacturers package products or guarantees fast results, supplement on their own cannot help build muscle.

Strict fitness programs and diets are the assured ways of gaining muscle mass and supplement only magnify the outcomes. What a good supplement does is to help achieve the desired muscle mass a bit faster, help with recovery and complement nutrition. For this reason, a buyer should be careful about the supplements he picks to add to his workouts, which given all the products out there, can be a tall order. However, knowing three best (& worst) vitamin supplements men must take will help with the purchasing decision.

Worst Muscle Building Supplement

Numerous products that are advertised as muscle builders only serve to waste money. Some people may take a while to realize that they are not getting any value from these supplements but by then, they have already spent money and time on the products.

Testosterone Boosters

In recent times, testosterone boosters have become popular products in the supplement industry because every man is innately wary of lower testosterone levels. Muscle gain is one of the properties used to sell testosterone boosters. A good number of these products do not do anything they are said to, and a few will raise testosterone levels in the smallest degrees. One reason for this is the combination of ingredients contained in these products. ZMA, Tribulus Terrestris, and D-aspartic are the main ingredients found in testosterone boosters, and there is no scientific proof to endorse the claim that they affect muscle mass. In instances where a supplement does increase the levels of testosterone, it is usually in degrees that do not have any bearing on body composition.

Growth Hormone Boosters

HGH boosters are other popular supplements that a lot of men will run to when they want to look fuller. Manufacturers make HGH boosters with various ingredients combined with amino acids that promise to increase body composition and facilitate muscle building. However, most of these compounds do not have any effect on the human growth hormone because they are not potent enough to register any real changes. Some studies indicate that HGH boosters have to be used with steroids to give the desired results.


Relatively new on the market, HMB is advertised as a muscle builder although no studies have proven that it does anything to increase muscle mass. There have been reports that HMB supplementation facilitates small increments in leg strength although these results were in untrained men. Trained lifters experienced minimal changes when they used the supplement during resistance training. HMB was created as an anti-catabolic agent, and it accomplishes that very well. It helps with faster recovery by preventing muscle breakdown after workouts.

The Best Supplements for Building Muscles


The naturally occurring compound is responsible for producing cellular energy, which makes it possible to take any action from chewing to scratching. As a supplement, creatine is made with several amino acids that help replenish the body’s reserve energy. Creatine supplements are also known to improve the water content in the muscles, which contributes to mass gain. The compound also increases blood flow during strength training hence, enhancing performance.


Any fitness trainer will advise a person looking to gain muscle mass to ensure that he consumes enough protein. However, it is nearly impossible to get all the required protein for muscle building solely from food, and that is where protein supplements come in. Protein powder makes it less complicated to balance the intake of macronutrients. Protein powders are easy to make, which means that a person can mix as a snack in a minute before or after a workout as opposed to cooking a whole meal. Whey protein is preferable because it digests faster and leaves a person feeling full.


It is another compound that occurs naturally and boosts the body’s performance by increasing the level of carnosine in the muscles. Carnosine is a compound molecule that reduces muscle acidity, meaning the muscles can contract more without getting fatigued, which improves performance. High-intensity exercises result in the buildup of hydrogen ions that drop the blood pH levels. Acidification of the muscle is one cause of muscle failure, and it decreases muscle performance. Taking beta-alanine will also enhance the endurance of an individual, allowing him to work out more.

A person searching for the best supplements to facilitate muscle gain should take the time to find quality products with proven results.