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I am a political economist and PhD student of environmental sociology and ecological economics at the University of Lancaster. My current research is on the metabolism between society and Nature and hence the impact that our current economic system has on human and environmental well-being. My method is post-disciplinary in that it crosses conventional barriers between disciplines and branches of science, for instance by incorporating scientific understanding from ecology, biology and systems theory into the analysis of society's relation with Nature. I had the privilege of doing my master's thesis under the supervision prof. John F. O'Neill at the University of Manchester, who's work has primarily dealt with defending the possibility of a moneyless, stateless and non-market economy similar to what the Zeitgeist Movement proposes, and has been a major influence on me. Because of this I have both interest, both personally and academically, in the idea of a Resource Based Economy. My background is originally in Business and Finance, though I am happy to say that I have overcome the ideological beliefs associated with such an education.

Economic Calculation in a Resource Based Economy – A Defence

INTRODUCTION AND DISCLAIMER [1] The ideas of Ludwig von Mises, an economist of the Austrian School, have been resurrected by critics of a RBE in an attempt to show that a moneyless economy is impossible. Despite numerous attempts to disprove the criticism, the spectre of von Mises still hangs over the social movements that support a RBE. But my defence […]

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