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About Miki Kashtan

Miki is a co-founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication ( She is inspired by the role of visionary leadership in shaping a livable future, and works toward that vision by sharing the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication through mediation, meeting facilitation, coaching, consulting, and training for organizations and for committed individuals. Miki hosts the Conflict Hotline, a monthly live call-in TV show, and blogs at Her articles have appeared in Tikkun magazine and elsewhere.

The Past and the Future

Imagine that the time is somewhere in the 12th or 13th century in feudal Europe. You are a traveler from the future, coming into that time. Your base is, perhaps, the late 19th century. You are meeting with people of different social locations, and your task is to introduce them to the absolutely revolutionary and radical idea that the world […]

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