RBE, problems to consider

Been thinking on RBE for some time, what I keep coming back to is how to convince the masses that this is workable, how to convince the “one percent” as well as the business community and government that this can work. I haven’t read everything here but I haven’t seen anything about how to begin beyond talking about it. Any ideas out there?

From some  of what I have read it seems to indicate the desire to use technology to do as much work as possible, I would consider that to be a great mistake. I believe an RBE can only work if all the citizens contribute to society, if too much time is available for personal use we become lazy and forget how to do anything for ourselves and expect to be “entitled” to everything. A society must be designed with the right balance of work, play, education and responsibility to society. Also an RBE could provide the opportunity to get back some of the knowledge and skills that we have already lost.

Another problem to consider is that it would be near impossible to begin on a world wide scale, it must begin with a single country, one with not too large but a varied and educated population, an abundance of natural resources, a reasonably peaceful society and a good world wild reputation, sounds like Canada to me. Success in Canada would demonstrate the viabillty of an RBE.