• Bellamy, Edward
  • Looking Backward: 2000-1887

  • Borgese, Elisabeth Mann
  • Bose, Jagadis
  • Brown, Ellen Hodgson
  • Burke, Kenneth
  • Calvin, William H.
  • Cannon, Walter B.
  • Carmack. Pat
  • Crandall. B. C.
  • Chaplin, James Patrick
  • Chase, Stuart
  • Clarke,Arthur C.
  • Darrow, Clarence
  • Douthwaite, R. J.
  • Drexler, K. Eric
  • Evans, Bergen
  • Flatow, Ira
  • Free Will Productions
  • Fresco, Jacque
  • Fresco, Jacque & Keyes, Kenneth S.
  • Fortune Magazine Article (1934)
  • Fuller, R. Buckminster
  • Gabel, Medard
  • Garcia, Deborah Koons
  • Gardner, Martín
  • Gazecki,William
  • Galbraith, John Kenneth
  • Gilligan, James
  • Griffin, G. Edward
  • Haggard, Howard Wilcox
  • Hayakawa, Samuel Ichiyé and Alan R.
  • Johnson, Wendell
  • Peter Joseph
  • Kahn, Fritz
  • Korzybski, Alfred
  • Kurzweil, Ray
  • Ley, Willy
  • Loeb, Jacques
  • Lundberg, Ferdinand
  • Maynard, Elliott
  • McMurtry, John
  • Ogden, Frank
  • Pearson. Melford
  • Perkins, John
  • Rifkin, Jeremy
  • Robinson, James Harvey
  • Rowbotham, Michael
  • Sagan, Carl
  • Sapolsky, Robert M.
  • Shermer, Michael
  • Shostak, Arthur B.
  • Spence, Gerry
  • Skinner, Burrhus Frederic
  • Smith, Homer William
  • Still, Bill
  • Twain, Mark
  • Veblen, Thorstein
  • Wheeler, Harvey
  • Wells, Herbert George
  • Wertham, Fredric
  • Wilkinson, Richard
  • Zizsser, Hans
  • Zinn, Howard
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    1. Rolf says:

      Hi;) could you recommend 3 books from that long list, who are more important than the rest, in order to understand and learn about RBE. (I have read Fresco and Zeitgeist) thank you;)

    2. Caitlin says:

      I would like to suggest the following books as well:

      “Sex at Dawn: the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality” by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá It does talk about human sexuality, but it’s main point is the plasticity of societies and the true nature of man – it shows prehistoric evidence that we are actually evolved to share resources rather than to covet property. Highly enlightening and ties in perfectly with the concept of the resource-based economy.

      I’m also surprised I don’t see Cradle to Cradle on this list by michael braungardt and william mcdonough. It should be a foundational read when introducing oneself to the mechanics and viability of the resource based economy.

      on a more esoteric level or to inform the evolution of a human paradigm that might facilitate a transition to such a society, Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth is an important foundational book for the masses.

      Thank you for this website!

    3. I would like to recommend The Freeconomy Community – Sustainable Living – Moneyless Living site . “The Moneyless Man” book written by the founder of that site Mark Boyle is a excellent read about his life while living without money for one year.

    4. Brian Taylor says:

      I would be proud to have my book added to this list: Anti-Social Engineering the Hyper-Manipulated Self.
      I look forward to contributing to the definition of my future.

    5. Zeitgeist Jay says:

      Do you have any links or pdf files for WEb of debt or the creature from jekyll island?

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