Do Angels carry cash?

What do you think the value of the sun is? In terms of energy output, converted to dollars per BTU, what is the sun worth? On any given day, how much do you pay for the sun’s warmth and light? Should some people get more sun than others? If a person is unwilling, or unable to work, should they have to sit in the dark?

If we took our whole financial system and replaced it with one that

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The Trust Economy


Something big is coming. It can be really good or it can be really bad. This is a detailed outline of the good. The Trust Economy offers:

• A simple, elegant, fast, and peaceful solution to the world wide financial crises.

A workable answer to the demands of the 99% that can be implemented by the 99%

• Leverages existing models and available tools to manage and distribute resources in a fair and equitable manner.

• Easy to understand and implement.

• Creates a system that can not be stolen from or manipulated by a few at the expense of everyone else.

• Automatically aligns itself with the whole, without diminishing personal property or responsibility.


In the nineteen sixties and seventies, when technology was growing up, it was often said that technology would solve the worlds ills by making more abundance, shorter work weeks, and less toil and struggle. Robotics and computers were supposed to make life better for everyone.

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Money Makes Me Miserable

In my life, and in most people’s life, money has been a motivator of some sorts. Whether you are employed, self employed, a business owner, an investor, or unemployed, money is there in the mix. The question is, does the money element make us happy?

Well, yes and no. Money makes us happy when we get it, and unhappy when we don’t. If you’re anything but employed, with a fixed income, you should know what I’m talking about. The income may go up and down. Sometimes you have money, other times you don’t. And in the times you don’t, you tend to feel miserable.

We all need money. Or do we? More and more people live without money and are just fine with that. And without money, the reasons why you do stuff change. The reason can not be money anymore, at least. Then, what’s the motive for doing anything?

Of course, the motive would be to do what you like doing and what gives you some kind of fulfillment. To me, making movies and doing creative stuff that help other people gives me a great deal of fulfillment and joy.

I am self employed, and I need a monetary income. Still, lately, I have tried to ‘live without money’ in my mind. Instead of interacting with people because I need a job and want their money, I try to base everything I do in what I like doing and in giving service to others. And what I like doing is to create stunning moving images, developing myself as a film maker with all it’s aspects (directing, cutting, sound, etc.), and GIVE this product to the ones I do it for. Thus, my goal is to develop myself to be the best I can for others. And sharing what I do with the ones I do it for is a big fulfillment for me.

I am here now. I do not suffer. I have what I need. I have come to this point living through my whole life. I am not dead. I am alive, and I have always gotten what I needed. I trust that what I need will continue to come to me. And I do what I do because I have an urge to do it. I like doing it, it fulfills me and in helping others I get even more fulfilled. This is my ‘mantra’.

There is no mention of money in this mantra, and to me that feels wonderful. As soon as money becomes a motivation for doing anything of what I do, I get a stressful feeling in my chest, OR I get a cheerful feeling in my chest. All dependent on whether I get a lot or I get a little. In general, though, money as a motivator  makes me miserable. Why? Because money isn’t real. Money is only a made up entity. Money does nothing in the real world. It basically only functions as a filter, blurring the relationship between me and the tasks I perform, the people I interact with and the world at large.

Taking money out of the equation in my mind has changed everything. I feel much freer, more relaxed, much less stressful, happier. Basically, I feel more ME. I can do the things I do for a different reason. A True reason. A reason that truly makes me happy, fulfilled and in peace with myself. I pursue my path, not out of a need for money, but out of an urge to be of service to humanity. A believe me, even if this sounds grand, it is bound to make you feel a hell of a lot better than what money could ever make you feel. THIS feeling is a continuous feeling that only get’s bigger and bigger. Not like with money, where the good feeling comes and goes, depending on your monetary income and your ability to BUY stuff to make you feel better.

When I decided I would not let money run my life anymore, things also started to change, also in terms of money. It is a paradox, but that’s the way it is. When I don’t do things for money, money comes to me anyway. And so far, I have gotten what I need without a problem. I don’t say no to the money, since other people want them from me, like the electrical company, the landlord, the grocery store, and so on. If all the others, though, didn’t want money from me, I would gladly continue to do what I do for ‘free’. Except there would be no such thing as ‘free’ in a world where everything is free. ‘Free’ would be the norm, and we would all BE truly FREE.

Taking money out of the equation in my mind is a good start to train myself on ‘thinking without money’, and thus, a good way to start imagining what a resource based economy would be like, and what I would do in one.

Try it. No matter what you do today, you can try to think about the reason why you do it as one of service. Service to yourself and service to others. Take any monetary gain you have out of the equation and see what you are left with. Of course, if what you are left with is close to nothing, maybe you should think about changing what you do to something that really fulfills you. And, remember, being of service to yourself, your fellow being, and to humanity itself is a truly fulfilling thing. And with this as the guiding principle for living, there will always be ‘jobs’ for everyone.


The Web of Debt

The author Ellen Brown has written a book called the Web of Debt, stating, like many others that the world is in the tight grip of a few wealthy mens conspiracy to control the world. Conspiracy or no conspiracy, there is no doubt the world is in serious trouble when it comes to the international economy, and the national economy in many countries. Just from simple reasoning one can ask some obvious questions.

Ben Franklin
Creative Commons License photo credit: nathanmac87

Governments have the ability to create money themselves, right? Well, that is what they have according to any country’s constitution. And the value of the money is ‘by decree’, meaning it is set by what the country sets it to be. So, WHY then, are countries in debt to one another and to the World Bank and the International Money Fund (which is in a large degree connected to America’s Federal Reserve, which in turn is NOT government controlled)?

Why? Why can’t the countries in trouble just print more money for themselves? Why do they have to lend from other countries? This is a question that will be answered with a lot of ‘international economics’ stuff if you ask any member of a government or economic ‘specialist’. The truth is that:

  • The “Federal” Reserve is a private corporation owned by an association of very large multinational banks. (Chapter 13)
  • The only money the US government creates are coins. Bills (Federal Reserve Notes) are created by the private Federal Reserve, which in turn lends them to the banks that in turn lend them to the government, businesses and individuals.
  • Physical currency (coins and dollar bills) make up less than 3 percent of the total world money supply. The other 97 percent are electronic, and all of this money was created by banks in the form of loans.
  • The banks lends new money, which did not exist until it was lent.
  • Income tax was instituted to persuade taxpayers to pay the interest due to the banks on the federal debt. Income tax would have been unnecessary if the money supply had been created by the government rather than borrowed from banks that created it .
  • Inflation is not caused by the government printing money. It is caused when banks expand the money supply with loans.
  • There is a way out of this mess: the government can take back the money-issuing power from the banks. That is, if we decide we need money at all.

In any case, it can not continue the way it does. All over the world now, governments are begging for more loans. Why? People think it is because the government has squandered the taxpayers money. This is obviously not the case. The reason is that the scheme the international banks have been playing is working: Taking control of the world governments and people through loans, waiting for them to default on their loans.

To give governments back their power to make their own money would probably help a lot. But do we need money at all? There is no money in nature, and with an abundant world with enough for everyone, which is what we really have when we allow it, no money is needed.

Giving governments back their sole right to print money might be the first step towards a resource based economy. It is at least one step much more imaginable today then a pure resource based economy. We need transition steps to get into RBE, and this can be one. The question is: How?

The answer is: Through increased public awareness. The more talk there is about this among people, the more media will pick it up, and the more it will spread. We are all affected by money every day. We need it to buy the necessities of life, and most of us are in debt to one ore more banks of credit companies. It is insane, and people are either paralyzed and lulled into the same old ‘going to work everyday’ or they are having a nagging feeling, but don’t know what to do about it.

Information is first, so spread this article through the button below and let everybody know. We have to stop this. Now.