Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph on TED

As a response to TED’s FaceBook discussion ‘who would YOU like to see on TED?‘ I replied with the following:

“At least ONE person has already mentioned Jacque Fresco, the founder of The Venus Project. Not that I should speak about him, but HE should speak on TED. If not him, then Peter Joseph, the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement.

There is ONE big problem in the world today that everyone seems to miss. Like the elephant in the room. The problem is MONEY.

Everyone just takes for granted that we need money, that the money system we have is the only possibility for humanity and that if only everyone had enough money, everything would be ok.

Please wake up, sunshine.

There is no lack of money in the world. Banks create it everyday in the millions and billions. Yes, the worlds money system is based on a ‘fractional reserve banking system’ where banks can create money out of nothing. Google it. It’s not just something I make up. It has been shrouded for years though, in fancy financial terms. This ‘air money’ is lent out to private persons, corporations, other banks and even countries, and is demanded paid back with interest (which, by the way, is NOT created by the system. Thus MORE money have to constantly be created to pay the interest, and defaults are a part of the system). Even countries are going bankrupt in this insane world of money and debt.

The Monetary System we have today plays a big, if not the biggest, part in all the problems we have in the world today: Corruption, crime, wars, diseases, prostitution, pollution, poverty, and not to speak of the ‘financial crisis’, which is no crisis to the ones who create the money. Money, who largely is digital. 97% of all of the worlds money today only exists as ones and zeros in computers.

A world without money is difficult for many to imagine. No wonder, since we’re all brainwashed into believing that money is as necessary as air. But there is no money in nature. Nothing. Zip. Still, it runs like clockwork.

So, my suggestions are:

JACQUE FRESCO for suggesting a resource based economy replacing the monetary system, and founding The Venus Project.

PETER JOSEPH for starting The Zeitgeist Movement, spreading the idea of a resource based economy.

One of these persons should be SELF EVIDENT on TED. Why they haven’t been on TED already, I don’t know. I can only speculate that it has something to do with TEDs sponsors, not wanting info about something that threatens the monetary system and their operations out there.”

If you want to help spread more awareness about TZM, TVP and a moneyless society in general, you can suggest to TED as well. Follow the link on the top in this article.

Peter Joseph Documentary

Charles Robinson has interviewed Peter Joseph in a rare documetary.

Peter Joseph, the founder of the Zeitgeist movement, gives in this interview a look seldom given into his own life. How he started studying music and dropping out, partly due to too much accumulation of debt, to having a performance-like show with him playing his percussion instruments (marimba, xylophone), and projectors showing his society critical films on screens beside him, to putting his film out on the web and getting surprising amounts of traffic. And then from there to get a book from Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, the founders of The Venus Project and a resource based economy, to starting The Zeitgeist Movement, knowing his life would change drastically.

It turns out that Peter Joseph is not his real name, but his first name. He is not revealing his last name, as he wants to protect himself and those around him, understandably enough, as he is comparing what he is doing with Gandi and Marin Luther King. Not directly, though. In any case, what he is doing is in my opinion comparable to those people, as long as he keeps it up. It would also be better if he tries to have a more common appeal in his speeches, and try to bypass all his academic intellectualism. Apart from that, what he does is historical, and hopefully changes in the world will come out of is.

Money and property in a resource based economy

It seems like Peter Joseph (the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement) thinks that machines will do all the work for all people and that no one will own anything in a resource based society. I think he is wrong about this. For one, people like to work and share their work, secondly, everyone like to have something they can call ‘their own’. I know that in RBE everyone will have access to everything, and that machines and technology will be so developed that we really don’t have to do anything. But this is not the point. The point is that people want to do stuff, and they want to be proud over their creation. Just look at Jacque Fresco. He, along with his partner, Roxanne Meadows, is trademarking the term “Resource Based Economy”. Why? Because it’s something (according to them) they have worked on their whole life, and that they have ‘the right to’, since it’s “their creation”. Why on earth doesn’t Fresco and Meadows, of ALL people, not give their creation out freely?  Of course, because they feel they deserve something back for all their work.

So will people in RBE. But this is where my analogy stops looking like the world we have today. I’m not saying that we need money in RBE, or property, like we have today. No. But if someone creates a painting, a unique painting, this is one persons creation and it’s up to that person what should be done with it. And this goes for all creations made by us humans. So, what would be the reward?

Answer: The reward in creating anything is: 1. The joy of creating it. 2. The joy of sharing it.

But, it is still the creators choice whether he/she want’s to share it or not. Of course, it can’t be sold, like it is today, and there will be no other reward than the mentioned joy, but still, it is and will always be the property of the creator until she/he chooses to give it away.

So, I don’t think people will be happy letting machines do absolutely everything for them. Being of service to other people will always be something that will bring joy and meaning to our lives. Be it being an artist creating art, a composer creating music, a dancer dancing, a chef cooking, a massager massaging, a doctor healing, a nurse nursing, a designer designing or a photographer photographing.

When it comes to property, it will be nothing like today. Yes, accessibility will be there for everything needed. Still, if one want’s a plot of land to grow one’s own fruit and vegetables, that should be able to be called ones own.