Science, The Scientific Method and The Workings of Creation

I get really annoyed when some people seem to think that science is ‘the answer to everything’. That if we only use science we’ll be fine. It is not like that. Thinking this makes science nothing more than another religion. Firstly, we have to distinguish between ‘science’ and ‘the scientific method’. Today, when we talk about ‘science’ we mostly think about ‘natural science’. In the beginning, though, ‘science’ and ‘philosophy’ was often used interchangeably.

Science, in today’s terms, does not have the answers to everything, and what science does have the answer to isn’t always correct. This have been proven over and over again over the millennia. Even a scientific ‘proof’ have to be believed by other scientists and society at large to be true. And even then, it might be disproved later.

There are also several different directions within the different fields within the scientific community, where some scientists agree upon one thing, while others agree upon something else. Thus, science doesn’t give any homogenous picture of the world, and is not as ‘all knowing’ as some people might believe. The scientific community, where ‘science’ comes from, is just like the rest of society, with a lot of compartments and prestige. They also live in a high degree within a created ‘paradigm’, where some things are ok to say and write, while others are taboo.

What is science, really? Commonly, philosophy isn’t regarded as ‘science’, since it deals with ‘non-provable’ concepts, deriving ‘science’ from a definition that everything has to be ‘provable’ according to a certain set of criteria. Still, I would argue that you can not have science without philosophy. Often times I hear so called scientists, highly regarded ones also, speak about ‘the age of the universe’, or ‘the distance from the earth to this or that galaxy’, measured in lightyears.

This is the same as being an ant and try to say something about the size of the planet, or even the forest it is in. It climbs up in the tallest tree and tries to look as far as possible and comes up with a measurement unit to measure the size of the forest. ‘Tree’s’ is say’s. The forest consists of so and so many trees, and this is it’s size. To me, this is humans trying to measure the ‘size of the universe’.

To say that the universe even has an age is philosophy. For it to have an age, you have to have time, and space. And you have to believe that everything you see around you actually is real, that it actually exists ‘out there’. All the physicists I’ve seen speak takes this for granted. And this is really a HUGE thing to take for granted. To build all your science upon something that you actually don’t know for sure.

A galaxy is like a rock. A rock lies there, apparently still and unmoving. A galaxy also seems to by ‘lying there’, apparently still and unmoving. Still here on earth we experience that the days and years go by from the earth’s rotation around itself and around the sun. According to scientists the earth moves around itself in the speed of about 1000 miles per hour. Hm, I use the metric system, so I would say about 1,600 km/h. Miles, kilometers, hours. It’s all created by us, by ‘scientists’.

Back to the rock that ‘lies there’. We now know that inside that rock there are atoms and particles that move around in infinite speeds. Thus, it’s not as ‘still’ as it looks like. We are in the middle of that rock, experiencing our lives. From the outside, there seems to be no movement, while being on the inside, you experience all kinds of movement. So, what is time? And what is space? These are not externally verifiable units. Time and space is subjective and experienced. Thus, everything that has been said about ‘the age of the universe’ and the ‘distance between stars’ is made up. It is fantasy. It is created in the minds of the scientists, trying to understand their experiences.

How can you know anything around you is real? The answer is; You can’t. We are creating this world as we experience it.

Science is, as stated, far from something homogenous. Science is very diverse, and there are many types of sciences.

The scientific method, on the other hand, now that is probably a better yardstick to go by, than ‘science’.

So, what is the scientific method? There are several methods within science. But the most common one is described as ‘the hypothetic deductive method’.  This method starts with a question, hypothesis or theory, and from that question one deduces certain logical consequences that are testable and verifiable by others. After testing one draws conclusions and determine whether the theory is true or false. It’s a pretty simple and straight forward method, and it is the method that have been utilized to build the world we have today. It is good and sound and gives answers to many things.

Still, it is highly dependent of the creativity of the researcher. The questions asked and theories derived can only be as good and deep as the mindset and ability of the scientist. A scientist with a closed mind gets one type of results, while a scientist with an open mind gets another type of results. It has been proven many times that different scientist with different theories about the same subject gets different results when testing. They get results supporting their own theory.

And this leads us to quantum physics. Science have gotten so far now, that the most open minded (and even a good deal of the closed minded ones too) now acknowledges that we, humans, are affecting the world around us, simply by being in it, thinking, feeling, talking, acting and having an intent. And this is proven in many experiments in several fields. It is proven that when particles are observed, they are influenced by the observer.

We are all co-creating this universe through our own thoughts. Even though scientists have researched, tested, researched and tested again, trying to seek out the truth, thinking, and thinking again, they haven’t thought about the one thing that obviously plays a big part in this: Thought itself. Now, though, even science, is acknowledging this. That our thoughts and our intent is crucial to the results we get.

So, what does this all mean? If science per se is not the answer to everything, then what is?

We are.

We are the ones who are creating everything through our minds, desires, intents, thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Not science. Not religion. Not money. Not God.


So, we have to ask ourselves: What do we want, then? What kind of world do we really want?

Sure, we can take the scientific method and use it for what it’s worth. We can listen to science, but not make a religion out of it. We can listen to religions but not be blinded by it. We can listen to spirituality and not be overtaken by it.

But most of all, we can listen to our selves. Build up trust in our selves. Because we all have the same ability to give answers than anyone else. Not in the same fields, maybe, but that’s not the point. We all have the same ability to create. We are all creators by default. Because simply by thinking, experiencing and acting in this world, we create. We can not not create. It is impossible. Every interpretation of something is a creation. Every step is a creation. Every movement is a creation on some level. Every thought is a creation. And what you think about yourself creates yourself. And what we think about the world creates the world.

Now is the time for co-creation and trust in ourselves. We create by choosing consciously what we want to focus on. What we focus on we get more of. And the only limit is our imagination. If it can be imagined, it can be created.

So let’s imagine the world we want and create it together. This is what it is all about. Putting our trust to ‘science’ is again putting our trust to someone or something outside of ourselves, just like we’ve done with religion for so many years.

Now, the turn has come to us. And when I say ‘us’, I mean all of us. You, me, scientists, artists, everyone. We are the ones who now will create this world and our future together. And it will happen by someone proposing suggestions to what the future can be like, to what our society can be like, and we will all take more or less part in giving feedback, coming up with new creations, tweaking and developing.

The one major new idea we have before us now is a society without money. Even the greatest scientists of the times seems to have taken money and the monetary system for granted. For something that has had to be there, like air. Something that it has been impossible to be without.

Now has the time come to imagine a world without this thing called ‘money’, and without the usual notions of ‘ownership’ and ‘property’. And we are now faced with the challenge of imagining and creating how this world will work and how we can move from where we are now to where we want to be. ‘Science’ alone will not get us there, but using it as the tool it is, I highly recommend.

All this said, I think this guy deepens my point:

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What is Directivism?


1. A theory or system of social organization that advocates the elimination of all forms of currency as well as advocating the Direct and Proportional Democratic management of resources as common heritage of all children of mother earth; creating abundant automated distribution of all commodities and services to all people equally.
2. The creation of a resource based economic system built around the model of a national consumer cooperative.
3. (in Directivist theory) The Dharmic stage of society following the Capitalist and Communist Monetary societies that dominated The Age of Pisces. Directivism is a transition from Monetarism towards The Dharmic, Enlightened, Ascended, and Transcended Societies.


1. An advocate of Directivism.
2. A Directivist is a member of a group that advocates Directivism.

3. Of, promoting, or practicing Directivism.
4. Directivist Of, belonging to, or constituting a Directivist group.

Directivism in detail; Directivism as stated is a new theory that favors an end to Material Obsession and Attachment. In the current Aeon of Pisces we see a sickness that has over taken humanity. This sickness is materialism, and the symptoms are attachment to things that are temporary and not long lasting. In this Aeon people are more concerned with obtaining material things and temporary material satisfaction then developing their consciousness. Further this rampant materialism symbolized by money and banking has cut us off from our natural connection to each other and to mother earth. Directivists believe that we are all one people who are children of a great mother the earth. We believe the earth has given us many gifts which have been stolen from us by politicians and sold to individuals who horde them for personal gain. For example food is constantly being horded, supermarkets are filled with food yet there is still people who go hungry. When food goes unsold it is simply thrown away, it doesn’t go to feed the hungry because they don’t have a piece of paper called money in hand to get it. Directivists believe as long as money exists things like Homelessness and Hunger will always exist. For Directivists the solution is to simply eliminate the banks, corporations, financial institutions, and money and create an economic system based on the DIRECT and INTELLIGENT management of RESOURCES.

Under a Resource Based Economic model such as Directivism all the resources of Mother Earth shall be managed in a Direct and Proportionally Democratic manner. Meaning that all production would occur in relation to the actual demand of what is wanted. All citizens would hold Direct Democratic Authority over the means of production. Production itself would be automated in a way that’s in harmony with the earth and facilitation committees would act as the ultimate oversight to keep automation and cybernated systems under control. All Input, Output, Distribution, and Recycling process of production would become automated with machines crunching the numbers with human oversight. With society as a whole oriented towards a state of harmony with one another a new set of social priorities would set in. Humanity would once again be free to pursue Higher Knowledge and Quest for Enlightened Consciousness an eternal search that has always been the characteristic of humanity as a whole. Our nature is curiosity and it is modern day materialist society telling us to shop, Shop, Shop that has convinced us that we don’t need to seek higher knowledge. A Directivist advocates this pursuit of knowledge and self betterment over a consumer mentality. A Directivist seeks answers beyond just what things like the Scientific Method can provide. For Directivists The Scientific Method can only provide answers based on what we can see. For The Directivist the Intuitive Method of actual and direct experience leads to Rationalization, Understanding, and Conclusion. Just as the Scientific Method of Observation, Theory, Evidence, also leads to Conclusion its probably for this reason that in India The Intuitive Method was used to discover Gravity centuries before it was discovered by The Observed (Scientific) Method. For the Directivist the ideal future is an enlightened one that is free of all the monetary ideas such as Monarchy, Capitalism, Mercantilism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, etc. which governed The Age of Pisces. For The Directivist dreams of the next Aeon of Aquarius being the Age of a Dharmic Directivist society which can give rise to an Enlightened and Ascended Age of humanity unified and seeking Global Transcendence. The Directivist believes Money creates Hate, Fear and Envy, while the ideal Directivist Society creates Loving Compassion. The Directivist seeks to nurture the positive emotions of humanity and divorce all the negative emotions which are characteristic of this Aeon. If this sounds like you then perhaps you’re a Directivist!

A Science Of Intuition By Sidney Martinez

A Science Of Intuition
By Sidney Martinez

Many are well acquainted with “The Modern Scientific Method” its the dominant norm of all discovery. It is the underpinning of all Western Philosophy from the end of the days of Monarchs to the modern days of Oligarchs. Of course this wasn’t always the case before the Modern Scientific Method existed a more Associative Method of both reasoning and discovery based on religion. The Scientific Method arose as a reaction to the Associative Method which dominated before. The Scientific Method was more flexible and fluid then the old Religious Associative Method. Since all things discovered or concluded by science were open to change and progress it certainly trumped the non changing religious conclusions. The Modern Scientific Method had many advantages over the old associative method of declaring truths followed by creating chains of association to go along with these truths that were later linked back to their starting point ie original declared truth. The Modern Scientific Method still differed from the original or “Ancient Scientific Method”in a few ways. In this work we will compare and contrast the Scientific Method used by The Ancients such as The Greeks, Chinese, Indians, etc. and compare it with the Modern Scientific Method to see the differences. We will show how the Observation and Intuition were used in conjunction with each other by ancients peoples. While in contrast to todays world where Modern Science simply writes off Intuition as Mysticism and lumps it together with the Associative Method expounded by Nicean as well as other Dogmatic and Orthodox Abrahamic Faiths.

For science everything it discovers seem to be open to alteration yet when it comes to any suggestions of altering the method itself suddenly the scientific method is dogma and unalterable gospel. In fact the usual conclusion is that the ancients were even more backwards then those who lived in the Dark Ages. Yet on the other hand as more and more observable evidence is being unearthed such as ancient clock work devices, steam engines, light bulbs, batteries, etc. Some in academia are being forced to admit maybe the ancients weren’t so backwards. In fact this whole notion that the ancients were more backwards and things worse off then the Dark Ages is the result of successful propaganda campaigns by clergy from the Byzantine empire on into the Dark Ages and High Middle Ages. In fact the so called Scientific Method of our modern day still accepts and defends certain notions passed onto it by the very Religious non-sense it claims to rail against.

Intuition and Observation

The biggest misconception of ancient people that Modern Science seems to have inherited from Orthodox Nicean Religions (IE any religion that accepts the Nicean Creed) are that Ancient people were backwards thinking and very primitive in comparison to the modern age. Further they tend to reinforce that no advances could have existed that surpassed the level of technology of The Roman Civilization. Of course this runs very counter to all the evidence that has been recently discovered not the least of which was an Egyptian Steam Engine used to open temple doors. Of course the world in which these things existed was a very different world and ancient humans looked at the world in a very different way.

Picture if you will that your citizen of ancient civilization and your walking through the woods to some festival. First off every tree you see would look bright and gleaming with energy you would have been raised from birth knowing that every tree had energy flowing throw it. You’d know every animal in that forest had the same energy flowing throw it as well. If it was at night time you’d might see an owl perch on a tree and know it was surely Minerva giving you a sign that new knowledge was on its way. Of course by this idea of Minerva landing its not that you think some invisible man or women flew down from the heavens and morphed into an owl to visit. Rather you’d understand that the specific energy flowing through all Owls is one relating to knowledge and you’d make this association in your mind. Further this Goddess manifested is closer to a Mnemonic device of association. A way to represent the understanding you have about this knowledge notion and association about Owls. Sorry to break the truth to the scientific community who lumps all spiritualists in the same boat but the more Paganistic societies didn’t believe in a bunch of Invisible Men and Women in the sky. They knew that these were all iconography created to both pay homage to the beauty and splendor of the natural environment as well as many times ways to explain how something happened in the past. Over time both legends, myths, and stories merged and people did believe that enough focus on specific Icons associated with collective notions would create specific results a person may want. Through intuition it was a well known fact that if some had an image to focus on and an idea of a result they wanted to manifest through enough focus they could manifest what they wanted. A God or Goddess was more of a mass collective Poppet used for focusing and centering.

In fact the whole notion was based on Intuition which is derived from imagination. In this process however the Observed Method was not absent. Quite the contrary this scientific method which modern science claims is a new invention was in fact part of a larger and more Ancient Scientific Method. The Ancient Scientific Method used both Meta-Materialism and Materialist notions it used Intuition and Observation to make discoveries. In the modern day the two methods are separate yet both the Intuitive Method and Observed Method are two parts of a greater whole. The Intuitive Method relies on direct and repetitive experience leading to a rationalization followed by understanding and conclusion. Sometimes this is called a hunch of course the modern person has no clue how to properly use their Intuition to reach well reasoned and understood insights. Rather they will simply write off any hunch’s they develop if they can find observable evidence that leads to thesis evidence and conclusions. The Fact of the matter is that while modern science writes off Intuition the ancients and especially mystics embraced Intuition and Observation together as one whole inseparable from each other. In fact many of the ancient mystics who were supposedly so backwards thinking were the inventors and scientists of the ancient world. For them they consciously used intuition as part of their conscious thought process and it worked in sync with the observed method. One of the greatest by products of ancient humans conscious intuition process was the development of philosophy. Philosophers of the Ancient World were also Scientists, Mathematicians, Numerologists, Astrologers, Astronomers, Inventors and Mystics. Of course this was all before we had so many labels to separate these things from each other.

In ancient Greece we find many inventions rumored to have existed as well as evidence others did actually exist. When modern people think of Robotics they think of modern day robotics yet the first robotics may have been developed by ancient Greeks. Rumors abound of ancient automaton aka clockwork men which were non electronic robots running on hydraulics and gears. Legend even speak of Clockwork men armed with swords used in both defensive and offensive military capacity. No evidence of clockwork men used in military applications has been found as of yet. On the other hand one clock work device has been found called The Antikythera mechanism which was a small mechanical computer used to calculate astronomical positions. One theory about its origins puts it as having come from Rhodes which has a long standing tradition of mechanical engineering. Another such interesting discovery is the Baghdad Battery which through testing has been proven to be able to get a light bulb lit. In fact its been proposed that the Baghdad battery was used to power ancient Egyptian Light Bulbs to illuminate the inside of pyramids, temples. Of course academia with its lack of intuition quickly dismisses this theory. In China Gunpowder was developed through the Ancient Scientific Method, In India Hindu Mystics concluded that “Weight Causes Falling” or that the weight of a mass causes it to fall to earth. In other wards they discovered gravity centuries before it was rediscovered in the West. Heron in Egypt developed a Steam Engine the worlds first centuries before it would be rediscovered again. In fact right up until the rise of the church the level or technology of had reached pre-industrialization. By 300 CE sanitation and sewer systems where in use, piping, flush toilets, kitchens with stoves and pans with cooking oil, hang gliders, mechanical clocks, light bulbs, batteries, coin operated machines, toys with moving parts, bronze tanks, flame throwers, and more things that we’ll never know existed since the evidence was purposely destroyed. In fact if you brought someone from 300 CE Rome to 1700’s Italy they would pretty much familiar with all the technology around them. All this just goes to show how far the so called mysticism of the ancients brought society forward. Of course the main difference between ancient machines and machines developed in the 1700’s is that the driving force was not production. But nor was it concerned with helping to free up people from physical labor. While capital was something associations of Merchants (the first corporations) were concerned with producing and generating this capital didn’t yet require massive scale production. This is not to say that the technologies to free humans up from the need for doing manual labor didn’t exist at this time. Quite the contrary the technology did exist its just that in this time period the only force capable of bringing industrialization about would have been some sort of slave revolution that brought about a Democratic and Resource Based Economy. This would have been the only development in antiquity which could have oriented scientific advancement towards freeing people up from the burdens of the same manual labor that kept the Roman state highly productive. Perhaps the masses of ancient people saw this possibility and began wondering why technology wasn’t used to take over the jobs previously held by slaves. Whatever the case maybe the rise of the church brought with it a 1400 year setback for science. By labeling all the scientists (Mystics) of the ancient world heretics they used associative thinking to label anything they ever developed heretical as well.

The Associative Method

Through the process of association if a person is declared heretical one must presuppose this is truth based on the fact that the truth has been declared the truth. Further associations are the only thing you can attach to presupposed truth according to the Associative Method. So this thinking brought about that if all these people were heretics then so are their inventions and writings. So therefore Math, Toilets that flush, Sanitation, Sewer Systems, Medicine, Light Bulbs, Steam Engines, anything that improves the common people’s life is demonic . By the same token however metallurgy and any military technology which continued to be improved was godly. Whats interesting is that the Roman Corporations (See On Illuminati Pt. 3 Rise of Templar Banking for more info) aka Merchant Associations made more money producing and selling weapons then developing domestic technologies. It was almost as if someone deliberately wanted technology set back 1400 years. Whats more is the bankers who have always been Knights or Roman Equestrians/ Horsemen (Sir Alan Greenspan Knight of England anyone?). Thought the following centuries from Byzantine to The Franks, to the Crusades and so on the Knights went out and made sure the Associative Method was in use.

Of course this couldn’t last forever and the controllers of society knew this. Throughout the dark ages many witches were burned at the stake and of course the criteria was different in every case. In truth a real Witch is a type of Scientist at least according to the Ancient Scientific Method. But whats more any form of thinking which violated the system of thought based on the Associative Method could be punished by death. For example if you made potions or herbal salves that helped injured and sick people you must be a witch. On the other hand if you found a sick person and concluded possession or a wounded person and concluded the wound should be bled out your godly. If you thought the world was round and that you could sail around it you were a heretic. However if you associatively concluded the world was flat because you saw flat land around you then you were godly. In fact this brings us to the point about how the church brought about a form of Materialist thinking. In the society that the church had supplanted the ancients didn’t believe Gods to be invisible men and women in the sky talking to them. Neither did they believe the world they could see with their eyes was absolutely physical either. Even before the technology to prove matter is made up nothing but slower moving light or energy they knew this was the case. The Church on the other hand told them that this was wrong and that they had to accept this physical world as reality and obey all the laws of an invisible and jealous man in the sky who reminiscent of a police state with high tech surveillance network was able to see them and judge them. They invented in fact this idea of fearing such a reality in people centuries before dictators would have this 1984 type technology, The controllers of society couldn’t create it in actuality so the next best thing was to fabricate an invisible man in the sky who could spy on and monitor everyone. Of course this idea was further backed up with the notion that after you die this same invisible dictator in the sky would judge you and deliver punishment. Through associative thinking there was of course no other way to see it and in fact associative thinking is attached to emotion. If one thinks associatively for a long enough period of time the mind will invent experience’s to justify their reality to them. When the Associative Method is all thats used Intuition and Observation are considered deluded and all perspective and information presented by either or both has to automatically be ruled out. Whats more is the Associative Method can delude the mind so much to the point that hallucinations may even occur. Which would definitely explain how Nicean Monks can actually see, experience, and chit chat with Jesus or a specific saint. How modern science has concluded that all paranormal phenomena is the same exact thing as the hallucinatory state one reaches through associative thinking is beyond me.

The thing that always gets me though is when I realize how advanced we’d be if society hadn’t plunged into the dark ages like it did. In fact if hypothetically Spartacus led slaves to dismantle the Roman State and create Democracy we’d be 1400 years more advanced then we are now. We wouldn’t have developed weapons of war to the extent we’ve developed them too. Guns would have probably still been created to be used for hunting in the settling of new areas. Machine Guns probably would have never been developed or bombs, or tanks. In fact all scientific advancement would have been oriented towards better methods for management of resources the common heritage of people in fact money would have been completely done away with. When such a society made contact with the Native Americans no genocide would have ever taken place. Factories and power plants that pollute the way they do would have been designed in ways that had little impact on the environment. I’m not saying things would have been perfect if the church never existed just that they would be allot better. Of course people in the Middle Ages didn’t know that the church controlled all information about the past. So while things seemed backwards they told the masses that things had been even worse before.

The Age of Unreason

When the world finally grew tired of the Associative thinking that ruled the previous 1400 years. Of course being raised in that society the thinkers of that period had hangovers of associative thinking coupled with unconscious intuitive thinking. First thing those who developed the Scientific Method did was accept the church teaching that they should focus on the here and now material world. Further that they should except this world as being absolutely physical the only thing they didn’t take from this teaching was the part about some fascist dictator judging them when they die. Further they believed the idea that an invisible all seeing dictator existed in the sky was crazy. Where they went wrong was that they took this conception of God as the invisible dictator in the sky to be a representation of what Pagans believed. In a very unscientific manner they concluded that the Pagans must have believed in several invisible people in the sky without actually investigating or finding evidence to put forward such a conclusion. They simply took the propaganda of the church that the previous society had been worse off at face value. As a result both Intuition that science will never admit took place and the associative method developed what it thought to be a The Scientific Method. Of course what they created was science without imagination or intuition and instead developed a cold calculated materialist method that blindly accepted an external reality that can’t even be confirmed to exist. Case and point anything you’ve ever seen with your eyes has always existed in the past. Nothing you can see with your eyes can ever be perceived as it is in the exact moment in which your interacting with it. For this reason anything that can be repetitively observed is always older then the image of it I’m seeing in my mind of it.

For this and many other reasons there really no experiment you can ever run or perform that proves the material world is actually here that won’t in some way be biased by the eyes. Quite frankly until the modern day observed method that keeps referring to itself as the scientific method has no right to call itself scientific until such time as it can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the world in which it exists in fact actually exists absolute beyond all uncertainty. Until then there is nothing truly scientific going on with the so called scientific method now if you include Intuition with Observation like the Ancient Scientific Method did well then at least then were getting somewhere. At least in that instance the tool of discovery and problem solving is at least skeptical about the very world around rather then rigidly and dogmatically materialist about something we can never be absolutely certain about. For the Scientific Method to truly be what its trying we first need to start with the only thing that we can actually be sure of which is “I think therefore i am”. Thats it the one Insight developed from Intuition that I know to be true from this Intuition we can next say that I see therefore something exists outside of me. I can’t be sure of what exactly it is or if its even here but one thing I can be certain of is that through Intuition and Observation combined I can work with it, learn about it, and change it.

From Unreason to Reason

“I have repeatedly said that in my opinion the idea of a personal God is a childlike one. You may call me an agnostic, but I do not share the crusading spirit of the professional atheist whose fervor is mostly due to a painful act of liberation from the fetters of religious indoctrination received in youth.” -Albert Einstein
Of course the greatest nail in the coffin for the scientific method comes from one of the most brilliant thinkers ever produced during The Age of Pisces. Using the Ancient Scientific Method he developed The Theory of Relativity and Special Relativity as well as Energy = Mass and Constance Squared or E=MC2. Of course being a modern scientist many people have the strange misconception that he was a Materialist or that more popular term Atheism. Atheism which literally means to believe in nothing of course Buddhists and many Mystics believe in Nothing as well. They believe that if you reach a state of Nothingness where your simply awareness in a sea of Nothingness everything is at peace. This Nothingness is bliss or Nirvana and from here is where Intuition first comes about at least according to Buddhists anyways. Of course Atheists are truly deluded since truth is they actually believe in “SOMETHING” Dogmatically I might add. So maybe Buddhists are the true Atheists and The Atheists are truly Dogmatic I’m beginning to wonder about it myself. For Atheists the something they believe in is that the external reality you see with your eyes and touch with your hands is absolutely beyond a reasonable doubt here. Again I’m wondering how Buddhists who believe in Nothing are not the real Atheists and how Atheists can still claim they believe in nothing. Now Agnostics on the other hand at least they take a balanced approach and stay skeptical about the whole thing altogether. Heck they’re not really sure about anything and leave every possibility open. Sorry Atheists but I can’t accept your dogmatic view anymore then I can accept the idea that there’s an invisible dictator in the sky who talks to the most anointed (most delusional) clergy/individuals and no one else. Advocates of The Scientific Method I’m still waiting for you to show me an experiment that proves absolutely that nothing exists beyond the material world. Intuition has already proven it exists because the one thing you can be sure of is that thoughts occur and as such you exist. Yet you can’t observe it in any way as a repeatable phenomena, you can’t gather evidence about it either you just Intuitively know beyond reasonable doubt “YOU THINK” regardless if you think hardly at all like Paris Hilton for example. However Observation alone can’t be used to prove the observable world is actually real since any observable experiment or data will always be biased by the senses. As long as no other method outside of the sense’s exists all experiments regarding the tangibility of reality or matter will end up bias. Well users of the modern Scientific Method balls in your court I’m shifting the burden of proving what you say is real and non dogmatic back on you. Give me an unbiased proof positive for reality and the absoluteness of physical matter Einstein need not apply here.

“I’m not an atheist. I don’t think I can call myself a pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangement of the books but doesn’t know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God. We see the universe marvelously arranged and obeying certain laws but only dimly understand these laws” – Albert Einstein.
In fact Albert Einstein believed in nothing also he was sure of one thing above all else the fact that nothing is truly certain. But beyond that an unknown fact about Einstein was that he admired Eastern Philosophy Buddhism and Hinduism especially. He himself would at times describe himself an Agnostic probably because he ruled nothing out. Whats more is Einstein was conscious of how his Intuition was part of his Scientific Method. To be fair it only seems reasonable to call the modern use of The Ancient Scientific Method “The Einstein Method” since the name “The Scientific Method” seems to be taken already. Utilization of The Einstein Method of Intuition and Observation is the only way to truly get back to a truly Scientific Method for discovery and problem solving. Of course when Albert Einstein’s was around no one truly paid attention to how he saw things the scientific community could only see black and white. Either you believe in an invisible man in the sky or you didn’t for them no in between existed its like your either with us or against us. As a result of how science failed to revive The Ancient Method herein referred to as The Einstein Method many failed attempts at solving social problems have been posed and tried and some not even tried yet.

Materialism solves Materialism?

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it!”. -Karl Marx

One of the first attempts to use the Observed Method to solve social problems was developed by Frederich Engels and Karl Marx. When they put forward their new doctrine they did so on the assumption the philosophy of the past only interpreted the world. They assumed this because they were ignorant of the role ancient mystics played as scientists and inventors of the ancient world. Further neither tapped into Intuitive thinking. Between the two they could only observe that no philosophy of the past was concerned with social change. Not that the idea itself didn’t exist obviously arch types representing ideas in popular consciousness such as Prometheus had already existed. The thing was these ideas existed as part of collective archetypes and social consciousness. Obviously when the Celts resisted Roman invasion their collective archetypes where all the philosophy they need to galvanize them. Or Spartacus a Thracian and not an Atheist actually an Animist that believed in a secular concept of life energy. Spartacus used the collective philosophy that already intuitively existed as the guide to lead an uprising and advocate a Democratic Society. Its amazing that Marx would have missed the most important Philosopher of all “The Collective Consciousness”. Marx’s only redeeming factor was that he at least somewhat praised The Gnostic’s. Which is good considering had The Gnostic’s actually smashed the Roman State they could have led the world in a new enlightened direction. Of course this doesn’t excuse Marx’s gravest mistake of all which is assuming the motor force of history is the need to find better ways to produce material things. Further Marx said that the history of all class society is the history of class struggles. Of course what Marx missed was the history of Caste Struggles which differ from Classes. Castes are defined by heredity they are socially immutable cannot be changed by economic activity. Classes on the other hand are defined by ones economic standing in society. In a class society you have some choice over your exploiter. In a Caste system however the social caste your born into determines for life who your exploiter will be. Its because of Marx’s Materialism that he couldn’t see this difference and further completely misses the true motor force of history. In truth the actual motor force of history is “Human Curiosity” our quest for knowledge this is our driving factor as Albert Einstein described the awe and wonder of everything around us. Perhaps philosophers before didn’t need to tell people how to change the world maybe they were free thinking enough in the ancient world to figure out how to change it for themselves. Of course after 1400 years of religious oppression who could really blame anyone for concluding that people had to be told how to change things. Marx may have meant well and many Socialists today also are well meaning people who want social justice the problem is so long as they believe in Materialism and a Monetary system real social justice can’t be achieved.

As flawed as Marxism was it was inevitable that it would give rise to another philosophy developed by Mikhail Bakunin this new idea was called “Anarchism”. Developed from the same Materialist thinking that Marxism came from the only step forward from Marxism was putting forward the need to get rid of the state. Of course Anarchism was still Materialist and Monetarist not to mention that of the two theories during that time period by comparison Marxism would have been the more stable system of the two. Considering that Anarchists never have and never will have a blue print or layout of their society will work. For example there’s no plan for economics most Anarchists advocate small scale Monetarism even though this form of small scale monetarism with local currencies already existed in the early days of Rome. They and even constitutionalist’s as well will advocate small scale monetarism while at the same time denying how Roman Equestrian and Merchants developed the Monetary System in the days of Rome to secure power for 1000’s of years. In both Marxism and Anarchism Materialism is still the key factor and immutable underpinning of society.

As the world developed even more however the modern scientific method made a new observation about the world that would underpin a new idea. Society had become a High Energy Society ie a society capable of producing more then could actually be consumed. Further because of this It was observed that there could never exist enough consumers able to consume everything produced. The continued skyrocketing of production capacity would have to some how lead to scarcity. As a result products of lower quality have to be produced in order to keep consumers spending. Like Marx the individuals who reached these conclusions believed like Marx that human beings have a natural inclination towards Materialism. Technocracy as it was called put forward something new which is the idea that money is outdated and no longer needed. Unlike Marxists who want to simply redistribute the money equally Technocrats represented the first progressive step beyond the idea of money. While Marxism represented the most progressive ideology developed in the 1800’s Technocracy represented an even more progressive step forward in the mid 1900’s. Quite frankly when compared to Marxism or Anarchism the Technocracy was an even more stable system in terms of efficiency and the freeing up of individuals from the burden of work. Technocracy also began to solve a problem inherent in Marxism. This problem is that in ending Economic Class Antagonisms new Caste Hereditary Antagonisms where created. Marxism in practice since it was tied as it was to a monetary system created various new hereditary castes. Basically whatever job you were born into is what you’d die doing for the rest of your life. Technocracy however reduced the various castes divisions of Marxism into just two. Not necessarily perfect either Technocracy at least was able to propose a new system for the equal distribution of goods and services that didn’t rely on money or banking of any sort. Technocrats were right when they said the use of Money and market economics was an outdated concept. In place of money Technocrats proposed a new system of measuring value and distribution. This new system would be based on “Energy Accounting” which would basically take an accounting of the actual productive output of all accumulated commodity production. Further a grand total would be calculated such as lets say 10000 this number would then be divided out equally to everyone. Every citizen would then receive energy certificates redeemable for whatever they needed. Of course the system of “Energy Certificates” as well as “Energy Accounting” was not necessarily the best way. Technocrats claim that Energy Certificates are simply a method of inventory control. Like Marxism Technocracy would place one section of society in bureaucratic control of society. Under Marxism its a Dictatorship of The Proletariat and Under Technocracy Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians would be the new Dictators of society. In both system Central Planning by humans in undemocratic means is the key factor. The underlying factor in all these ideologies is that The Modern Scientific Method can be used to solve social problems. This belief of course comes from Secular Humanists who tote the Modern Scientific Method (based on their deluded mystical belief in the absoluteness of reality) as the great salvation of all humanity. The belief is of course both Dogmatic and Rhetorical since there’s little difference between believing the Modern Scientific Method is the great mystical salvation of humanity and that the 2nd coming of Jesus is the great salvation of mankind. Further I believe books like “Dan Browns Angels and Demons” illustrate the point of how very similar Religion and what passes for Science these days are more similar then they are dissimilar.

Of course Technocracy itself was not the last probable solution that could be offered on the basis of The Western Pseudo-Scientific Method. The next and not so new offering comes from The Venus Project and Jacques Fresco who split with the Technocrats. It was only natural that someone would eventually conclude if they used the observed method how both the attempt to redistribute wealth (Marxism) and the attempt to bureaucratically redistribute resources (Technocracy) were both flawed attempts to achieve one underlying goal. Quite simply both systems are attempts at equal and common distribution of the earths resources. In Marxism however like Capitalism Money is the factor that limits this and under Technocracy the obvious creation of a dictatorship of The Modern Scientific Method over society is obviously flawed. The natural conclusion through observation one would reach is that humans should be taken out of the equation altogether. Rather then unelected bureaucracies (Technocracy) or cliques both elected or unelected (Socialism) that Self Aware, Artificially Intelligent, Computers, Machines, and Robotics should run everything for us. In truth this conclusion reached by Jacques Fresco is just the other extreme. I believe Jacques Fresco means well and that the Venus Project people mean well also its just they’ve gone to the other extreme in concluding people should be factored completely out of decision making altogether. In fact its not the use of technology I take issue with at all. I’m all for using technology to make human life easier and creating the sort of resource based economy where this idea is possible. Now if I were to use political labels from the current dying Aeon to label the Venus Projects Ideology I might refer to it as Anarcho-Technocracy unfortunately that label wouldn’t fit since Jacques didn’t create a system based on old ideas. Quite frankly what The Venus Project advocates should more properly be called “MECHNOCRACY” meaning Machine Bureaucracy. On the other side where The Mechnocracy the only ideology in existence it would be the most progressive of them since no other would be able to better provide for humanity and free humanity from modern day dictatorship of the work place. Quite frankly Jacques was right about one thing and that is that we need to create a “Resource Based Economy” this term and idea put forward by The Venus Project is definitely far ahead of its time. On the one hand to even be able to conclude on the basis of a Materialist Discovery Method turned towards solving social problems that society should focus less on materialism and more on commonality is quite Dharmic and a great leap forward. I mean lets face it our modern day society is so obsessed with Materialism and the hording of Material things that its not even really funny anymore. The only laughs I get about it anymore is probably when I see Britney Spears dancing around and singing her and people like her are the biggest jokes this age has ever manufactured. Quite frankly I’ll be happy when the remnants of this so called civilized society and all the garbage its spawned are on display in a museum somewhere in the future under a section label “ABSURD”. All this drivel has accomplished quite effectively one thing and one thing above all else which is cut us off from our connection to each other and our natural connection to Mother Gaia.

While its obvious that The Mechnocrat System of The Venus Project would eliminate one form of rampant materialism the fact is it would do nothing to end the underlying Materialism.. Because just like everyone else whose come before the so called Modern Scientific Method is Dogmatically clung too. Its great that the Venus Project itself is open to debate, criticism and new ideas from others in this spirit I would further encourage that the Modern Scientific Method itself be open Criticism as well. In fact we’d encourage The Venus Project to actually consider using The Einstein Method over the current Dogmatic Scientific Method. Because as it stands now while freeing up society from one form of Materialism it would create another. In his book “Looking Forward” that Jacques Fresco co Wrote with Kenneth Keyes he assumes as any Materialist would that when you free humans up from the burden of working to survive that our attention would turn to other pursuits. This part of his perspective isn’t necessarily bad rather what is deluded in his thinking is where he assumes those pursuits will include “Genetically Enhancing Humans” through cybernated systems. Jacques goes further to say that women will be relieved of the burden of child birth and that cybernated nurseries would be created to replace the natural child bearing process. I spoke with someone via e-mail from The Zeitgeist Movement (Political Arm of The Venus Project) about this recently. He replied “everything is voluntary so no one would be forced to give birth a certain way its up to them to decide.” Beyond this he Dogmatically hung on the Modern Scientific Method to biblical proportions. One point I’d raise in response to this is quite frankly what would stop a new caste system from emerging in which Super Humans become the new elite caste with Humans produced the natural way looked down upon by the rest of society. Whether or not money exists is of little consequence the point is that if you have one race of Super Genetically Engineered Humans and then a race of Humans produced the natural way your gonna have new social antagonisms regardless. Man has this person never seen the movie Gattaca? But moving beyond this regardless of what ends up being the eventual shape of The Venus Projects ideology the current Mechnocratic Version of The Resource Based Economy is not the most progressive version of a Resource Based Economy which can be put forward.

In fact if Jacques had used The Einstein method intuitively he would have insight into the fact that its material attachment to the temporary and not long lasting things which is the cause of all oppression. Like all others who came before Jacques misses the point that its Dukkha the clinging, longing, and wanting obsession with the material and temporary that cuts off people from their natural connection to the earth and each other. This Dukkha which is the Paradox of Suffering that has been the root cause of all social problems is what must be eliminated. Liberation from Dukkha will cause people to realize what there true nature is “Curiosity” and its this innate fact about us that has always driven both Intuition and Observation forward as the original Scientific Method for discovering the world around us. It was this embracing of Intuition and Observation together that allowed ancient people’s to connect with the earth as well as understand and identify with the earth herself. Its no wonder ancient people’s regarded the earth as a great mother and believed that no only was their an obvious observable connection between ourselves and mother Gaia but also that an subtle energetic connection existed as well. The thing about Intuition is that there are times when what is naturally known can’t always be observed like the example I used earlier “I Think Therefore I Am”. Just like how ancient people’s knew Intuitively that the earth itself was alive and conscious even before such a hypothesis could be proved through observation. Its only recently that a specific radio frequency has been detected in the earth herself. Whats more is that this particular frequency range vibrates that the same level of any human in deep REM Sleep. The Frequency is called Delta and when a person is in the Delta Frequency Range they can literally be on the same frequency range as the earth herself. In fact ancient mystics knew they could consciously achieve the delta state through methods of deep meditation in which they could consciously lose all physical awareness and be at the Gaia frequency range. Some may argue this doesn’t prove at least in an observable manner that the earth herself is conscious. On the other hand the observed method can’t prove we have consciousness either. Nor is it even sure of what exactly consciousness is we rely on Intuition every single one of us to know we are conscious. Beyond that nothing is truly certain when it comes to consciousness or reality if modern science would only realize this fact then it might get somewhere. Of course even though we rely on Intuition to know we are conscious this doesn’t mean we won’t ever have some sort of observable evidence that proves consciousness to exist. Until that point however a true scientist must simply accept that they are conscious and simply look inward for insights into why that is. No this isn’t like have faith either since it relies on reasonable intuitive insights where as faith is blind only requires itself and any associations it can find to prove its existence.

Unfortunately however The Mechnocratic model of a Resource Based Economy that Jacques Fresco and The Venus Project propose will simply continue Dukkha. Quite frankly the biggest mistake The Zeitgeist Movement especially makes is to throw all forms of spiritualism and Mysticism together in the same boat. No attempt is ever made to apply the Einstein Method in comparing and contrasting different perspective. Einstein himself was forward thinking enough to know there was a difference yet this notion fails to catch up with others. In fact The Venus Project claims that its goal is to bring about all the things religions promise but never deliver (ie brotherly/ sisterly love, harmony, and peace). Of course Western Religions one of the biggest culprits here but the Mechnocratic model of a Resource Based Economy offers no real solution to Materialism either. The Orthodox Abrahamic Faiths which have dominated for so long do nothing to develop the individuals consciousness. They do not encourage meditation as a method of obtaining insight or personal growth. They do nothing to cultivate the inner joy and inner happiness that exist in all of us. By that same token The Venus Project doesn’t offer any sort of guide or plan for cultivating the individual either. To their credit however at least The Venus Project actually proposes an observable method for changing the world. Now if only this idea was combined with a plan for how to cultivate individuals into the more Dharmicly conscious individuals needed to actually bring about a Resource Based Economy. In fact it would be more accurate for The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement to say that they support the material promises of religions and nothing more. Because cultivating individuals is definitely not part of their program or plan for transition from the Monetary System to a Resource Based Economy.

Further the basis of these criticisms are not on fear of technology and oh no the rise of the machines. Yeah I know we’ve all been bombarded by the same Hollywood images of evil thinking machines taking over and either enslaving or exterminating humanity. Automating production and freeing people from the burden of labor are great pursuits since they free people up to pursue knowledge. Even genetic engineering that eradicates disease is a great thing as well we have the technology right now to eradicate all disease. We even have the technology to create foods artificially and without the need to waste large plots of land raising animals. Technology is a great thing and it will be even better when The Einstein Method is utilized as the New Scientific Method. Further there’s no reason why technology shouldn’t be used to make our lives easier. However I have to draw the line when you start talking about how machines will do all the things states used to do. When you start talking about cybernated machines that monitor your intake of calories and tell you what you should eat again I have to draw the line. Further when you talk about how machines are going to handle everything for us including having kids for us this is where I draw the line. Further its obvious to anyone your response is but there’s no observable evidence to support the hypothesis that The Mechnocratic model of a Resource Based Economy would lead to anything bad. Well unlike yourself through Intuition and Foresight the by product of Intuition I can observe variables which would make the plausibility of one of two not so pleasant futures a probable reality. One Possibility is that self aware and self thinking machines capable of problem solving might simply decide that since they make all other decisions for us they should rule over us. Further since they would already be given control of everything around us the apparatus would be in place for a new type of Fascism to emerge perhaps some sort of Sentient Robotocracy. However even if this didn’t become the case the other probable future is that people would become way to dependent on machines doing everything for them that they’d grow lazy. I mean why stop at letting machines give birth for us why not make it so we never have to leave our chairs ever. Why not eventually or create surrogates to live in the real world for you of course my foresight can see this scenario as less likely still through intuition when the variables are weighed using foresight it does come about as a probability. What I see as the solution to this problem is to simply develop machines to the point where they are not self aware and still ultimately require a person to come up with solutions should problems arise. Further if machines are used to crunch all the numbers for directly democratically elected facilitators rather then computer selected teams then that is fine. The problem will always arise that if machines are allowed to become self aware and problem solve for themselves we will ultimately once again lose our connection to each other and the earth. So while we can agree 100% on the need for a “Resource Based Economy” we will disagree over the model of the Resource Based Economy. Of course this has only been a general overview of my criticisms of your Mechnocratic model I will delve further into the nitty gritty specifics in future writings specifically on The Resource Based Economy.

Beyond Materialism

Going beyond Materialism is the ideal here and the path to doing this is The Einstein Method. Now some may argue well Einstein was a Socialist and to this we’d say that during the earlier part of the previous century Marxism was the best available system to choose from. However having been a former Marxist myself and having read all the doctrines for myself I can honestly say I used to think like that at one point as well. However having been an activist and among the left for many years a realization dawned on me. Quite simply that Materialism was bogus and ever since then I’ve sought to create a new ideology and a new way of looking at things. Further the movement I write on behalf of as a whole has been developing a new idea for years quite simply as we went along being active in various movements for change. I will admit that before I heard this magic word “Resource Based Economy” we didn’t have a term for the economic side of our new Ideology. Our theory unlike Mechnocracy is based on The Einstein Method and through that method we’ve arrived at a very Non-Materialist version of The Resource Based Economy. For Directivists we see the creation of any ocracy whether it be Machine based or Human as innately flawed. Its obvious that the Monetarism that has prevailed since the days of Rome has been the underlying problem in society. What should be more obvious is that Materialism as a philosophy and point of view is no longer relevant anymore. When the best thing it can propose for society is a Mechnocracy obviously somethings wrong. Materialism has reached the end of its solo philosophical capacity to produce new philosophy. When this occurs of course the only logical and reasoned thing one can do is go back and re-asses the Modern Scientific Method itself and consider the possibility that perhaps a simple update is needed. I’m not saying we should completely throw it out as you might assume all thats being said here is that the old Dogmatic praise of The Scientific Method is no longer useful. Its time to update so that we can move forward lets once and for all reconcile what was lost 1700 years ago when the great advances achieved by ancient humans went up in flames along with the hope and dreams of all the oppressed people of the world for the next 1700 years. Its time Modern Science embraced the Intuitive side of the true Scientific Method of and embraced a more Holistic Scientific Method.

Of course this is just the first step we must inform people about The Einstein Method as an alternative to The Scientific Method. We of course invite everyone to take part in this effort to change the dominant paradigm not the least of which would be mystics who have always been pushed aside by what passes for Science in this age. This process involves new thinking which challenges you to be skeptical about everything even reality itself. This is a challenge to become skeptical about observation in general and confirm and back it up with Intuition and Foresight Using this method it will be possible for others to see other new ideas that go beyond the limits of the best Materialism can come up with.

For us Directivists we’ve always used The Einstein Method even if we didn’t have a word for that method until now. Further we see this as a turning point where the new consciousness that must take hold has the potential to set in in advance of the type of society which must ideally exist. We realize that even Directivism our proposed system is not the final act new and better systems will emerge as a result in the future. Directivism is not even the first stage before The Directivist model of a Resource Based Economy can even become possible we must go through a series of stages. First and foremost we need a period of organization, agitation, and activism this of course is the stage we are in currently. The Mechnocrats of The Zeitgeist Movement call this period the establishment of communications teams that will somehow reach a critical mass. Marxists have referred to it as a period of propagandation and agitation as stated by “Leon Trotsky in The Transitional Programme”. Anarchists still haven’t come up with a plan for how to get anything done they prefer to be spontaneous about the whole thing. Whatever one calls it however the point is that this first period is the most important of all as its the starting point for any ideology and how we go about agitation is one of the biggest factors here. The Zeitgeist Movement puts forward a complete opting out of the system as its solution in the movie Zeitgeist Addendum. For starters they call for Exposing Fiat Money for what it is this demand is a good thing however they also suggest that canceling your bank account or credit card will somehow raise awareness. Besides the fact that it maybe difficult to change banks for whatever reason such as direct deposit of Social Security or Welfare checks at times can be difficult. Many poor people don’t even have money to keep in their accounts anyways and they simply use account for direct deposit. Boycotting the news is also not going to do anything since CNN will still be on whether I watch it or not. Besides that even though alternative news is my primary source of information there are times when its good to know what sort of propaganda the enemy is telling everyone makes it easier to debate the validity of it later on. Boycotting the military is another suggestion and this one is good. Boycott energy companies again this is good as well but only feasible if your financially able. The final suggestion to boycott the political system is going a bit far. Tactically speaking one can still utilize the political system in a manner that helps to undermine the very same system. Fielding candidates at the local level that can use both the election and their office should they be elected to promote the ideas of a Resource Based Economy. Creating a Critical Mass is the ideal but if you form a political movement that has no actual platform, no structure, no democratically elected leadership, no formal membership and no plan of action for how to build the movement. Back when I was the Elected President of The San Diego City College’s Inter Club Council (Which meant I dealt with all club affairs on campus) an individual who I’m assuming is a member of The Zeitgeist Movement approached me one day to ask me how he would go about showing Zeitgeist Addendum on Campus. Basically my answer was you needed a registered club on campus to do events, and movie showings etc. Now it The Zeitgeist Movement actually had some sort of bylaws or some sort of formal organization and direction on how to build the movement perhaps some could direct members of the movement to go ahead and initiate campus based student groups on colleges all over the world. Fortunately though our movement is a bit more organized we have an internal structure, directly and democratically elected leadership, plans and tactics. Because we realize that in order to create a resource based economy its going to take formal organization of some type to make it a reality. Beyond this it almost seems as if The Zeitgeist Movement is boycotting grass roots activism in addition to everything else it says to Boycott. I’ll go into more details about this in other writings but for now I’ll sum up the entire matter by saying a Critical Mass can only be reached with formal organization. Beyond that it also helps for the theorists to actually know who all of the members of their communications team are. Otherwise with no set of tactics or plans you’ll end up with 1000’s of members doing this or that thing and no one really having any kind of direction whatsoever. At the very least the Mechnocrats could create an Artificially Intelligent computer program that can tell all the members what they should be doing, how they should organize and so on. Or as Venus Project might say that can work with them on plans of action otherwise we’ll probably keep running into people who maybe part of The Zeitgeist Movement whom it never dawned on that hey we could carry a Zeitgeist Movement banner at a protest. We The Promethean Workers Association (PWA) on the other hand always make our presence known when we attend social justice related events. This of course stems simply from being organized and having a plans of action things that are as simple as setting up a table with literature, dvd’s, t-shirts , etc to promote our movement. Further we can plan for things like carrying banners and signs at protests with our name on it by taking part in various social justice issues such as Gay Rights, Anti-Racism, Womens Rights, etc we can present the idea of a Resource Based Economy to seasoned activists who already fight for social justice. Further because we are an organized group we get literature printed that promotes the resource based economy and get it distributed where ever we can. These are all things that only an organized group with formal membership, facilitators, branches, national and international offices can get done.

For PWA we see the path to a Resource Based Economy as 4 fold. First there is the period of Agitation this period is followed by critical mass. Now during Critical Mass either the current monetary system will utterly collapse or enough of a critical mass will exist in case eminent collapse of the monetary system doesn’t happen. If enough of a critical mass exists upheaval can occur and the people can force a revolution to both end the monetary system and dismantle the state from below. Of course the other possibility is that the entire system will just collapse in on itself. Whatever way it happens though the third stage would be called the Transitional period this would be the period of transition from the old Monetary System to the new Resource Based Economy. Make no mistake though money and banking would immediately be eliminated during the transitional period that old outmoded system would not be tolerated even for one second during the transitional period. Whats important though is that during this period of transition it would be necessary to initially organize Input, Output, and Distribution Committees. These committees would be Directly and Democratically Elected and since Money is no longer a factor no need for Elected Officials to establish Budgets and Laws. Facilitators would be like teams the only difference is that they would be Democratically Elected. Further they’d only be empowered to create and develop the necessary apparatus for the development of Centers. Input Committees would eventually become Input Centers charged with collection of resources for use by Output (Manufacturing) Centers that would then send produced goods to Distribution Centers. The Democratically elected Team at each of the three centers would work to automate each phase of production as much as possible. Further to ensure that waste does not occur through over production the system of Direct Democratic Proportional voting would be used to determine what should be produced. Machines would then crunch the numbers and run the program and to make sure there was no glitches in the system facilitators would be in charge of oversight. So in effect what you’d end up with is elected Technicians, Engineers, and Scientists. Anyone anybody needed would be provided for them by Distribution Centers. During the period of transition the old infrastructure or cities would get utilized at least during this interim period. Sky scrapers once used by Bank of America or JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank could now house 30 story farm complexes. And the tops could house wind turbines, trees, solar panels, etc. it wouldn’t be the most efficient setup but in the interim period it would work. Eventually there would be a need to create new more efficient cities with a circular design to them for maximum efficiency that would become the new cities. As the Resource Based Economy became more and more established the old cities would be abandoned over time as new more efficient cities emerged. Old cities would be mined for resources of course we could only get to that point if we first have a detailed plan for the transitional period. The Modern Scientific Method has yet to be applied towards getting from Agitation, to Critical Mass, To Transition, To Resource Based Economy. The best the Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement have done so far is Agitate gather people into a disorganized movement and offer a solution which should actually be step 4. Which raises the obvious question where in the world is step 2 and Step 3 I’ve seen The Mechnocrats put forward Step 1 and I’ve seen then put forward Step 4. Its almost as if someone built a Circular City with no power source to get the darn thing running.

What we’ve given here is only a brief summation of The Directivist Model for a Resource Based Economy. We have a more detailed Blue Print for a Resource Based Economy the first draft was called “On Directivism: Blue Print For a Dharmic Society”. The First draft for the Blue Print was developed over a 2-3 year period by the membership of The Promethean Workers Association (PWA). The Second Draft which is now available contains many revisions. At the time it was published PWA had not yet adopted the term “Resource Based Economy”the second draft which is titled “Blueprint for a Resource Based Economy (Path to a Dharmic Society)”. The second draft includes ideas suggested by our membership as well as ideas we received from the general public. We hope this won’t be the last edition of the “Blue Print for a Resource Based Economy” either. We invite everyone to take become part of our movement and contribute to the blue print project. For now ours is the only detailed blue print that describes all 4 phases in detail of creating a Resource Based Economy. Join us in our goal of creating world wide Directivism only the Directivist model of a Resource Based Economy can bring about an Enlightened (Dharmic Society). We stand at a turning point in the shadow of an old Aeon of Darkness ready to either create a New Aeon of Light or let the elites of society take us into another Aeon of Darkness. We stand at a turning point an apex of change and the choice is ours to make to make. Join us in organizing uniting and radicalizing people for a the simple idea that the resources of the earth are the common heritage of all people not ceo’s, not bankers, and certainly not artificially intelligent machines. Directivism not Mechnocracy is the answer join The Promethean Workers Association (PWA) today! United we can make our dreams of a better world reality time to rise up!

Statement of The Promethean Workers Association (PWA)