What is a Resource Based Economy?

Resource Based Economy
1. An economic system or theory of social organization that advocates a system of commodity distribution without the use of capital, credits, energy certificates, barter or any other artificial medium which denotes value.
2. A school of thought in Natural Resource Economics
3. Any of two theories of systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is not centrally planned by humans.

4. (In Directivist Theory) The Resource Based Economy is built on the model of National Consumer Cooperative run by Direct Proportional Voting. With all maintenance and development aspects of the systems of social sustainability carried out by Technical Teams who are Directly and Proportionally Elected by the people.

5. (In Mechnocratic Theory) The Resource Based Economy is centrally manage by Cybernated systems. All maintenance and development aspects of the systems of social sustainability are carried out by Technical Teams who are appointed through Cybernated Appointment.
*Quick FYI Promethean Workers Association (PWA) is the originators of The Directivist model of a Resource Based Economy while The Venus Project and Zeitgeist Movement are the originators of The Mechnocratic model of a Resource Based Economy.
Resource Based Economy in detail; A comparison and contrast of the similarities and differences between Directivism and Mechnocracy.


Both Directivist and Mechnocratic theories advocate ending the monetary (money) system, banking, and private ownership of resources.

Both theories would create a new economic system which would be divided into Resource Management Centers, Production Centers, and Drstribution Centers.

Both theories see rampant greed, and comsumerism as the main cause of a society that lacks social sustainability.


Mechnocracy supports total 100% cybernation of all systems of social sustainability. Directivists support an Equilibrium or balance a 50|50 so as to keep cybernated systems from becoming a cybernated bureacracy.

Mechnocracy relies on Unelected Cybernated Central Planning to completely manage the economy. Directivism relies on a combination of Democratically Elected Technical Teams working with some level of cybernation to manage the economy.

Mechnocracy is based on The Modern Scientific Method developed less then 500 Years ago. Directivism is based on The Ancient Scientific Method Developed 10,000+ years ago and used by the many great ancient civilizations of the ancient world.

Mechnocracy see’s most Metaphysical ideas and notions as backwards and outdated. Directivism believes that many ancient notions discovered by mystics have merit and should be investigated by modern mainstream science.

Directivists believe that any notion or idea of the absoluteness of physical reality beyond all doubt is unscientific and denies the fact that quantum physics proves there is more to reality then what can be observed. Mechnocrats believe in the absoluteness of physical matter and the physical universe beyond all reasonable doubt and unscientifically deny any possibility its not absolute.

Directivists believe in supporting the betterment and personal development of individuals as part of the ground work needed to create a social enlightenment required for a Resource Based Economy. Mechnocrats strictly believe that genetic improvement is the only sort of individual improvement and betterment needed.

Directivists believe that either society will collapse into chaos or that a revolution carried out by the people can bring about a Resource Based Economy. Mechnocrats rely completely on the idea that society will simply and iminently collapse in on itself.

For More Information on the differences between both systems visit: TheResourceBasedEconomy.ORG