What is Directivism?


1. A theory or system of social organization that advocates the elimination of all forms of currency as well as advocating the Direct and Proportional Democratic management of resources as common heritage of all children of mother earth; creating abundant automated distribution of all commodities and services to all people equally.
2. The creation of a resource based economic system built around the model of a national consumer cooperative.
3. (in Directivist theory) The Dharmic stage of society following the Capitalist and Communist Monetary societies that dominated The Age of Pisces. Directivism is a transition from Monetarism towards The Dharmic, Enlightened, Ascended, and Transcended Societies.


1. An advocate of Directivism.
2. A Directivist is a member of a group that advocates Directivism.

3. Of, promoting, or practicing Directivism.
4. Directivist Of, belonging to, or constituting a Directivist group.

Directivism in detail; Directivism as stated is a new theory that favors an end to Material Obsession and Attachment. In the current Aeon of Pisces we see a sickness that has over taken humanity. This sickness is materialism, and the symptoms are attachment to things that are temporary and not long lasting. In this Aeon people are more concerned with obtaining material things and temporary material satisfaction then developing their consciousness. Further this rampant materialism symbolized by money and banking has cut us off from our natural connection to each other and to mother earth. Directivists believe that we are all one people who are children of a great mother the earth. We believe the earth has given us many gifts which have been stolen from us by politicians and sold to individuals who horde them for personal gain. For example food is constantly being horded, supermarkets are filled with food yet there is still people who go hungry. When food goes unsold it is simply thrown away, it doesn’t go to feed the hungry because they don’t have a piece of paper called money in hand to get it. Directivists believe as long as money exists things like Homelessness and Hunger will always exist. For Directivists the solution is to simply eliminate the banks, corporations, financial institutions, and money and create an economic system based on the DIRECT and INTELLIGENT management of RESOURCES.

Under a Resource Based Economic model such as Directivism all the resources of Mother Earth shall be managed in a Direct and Proportionally Democratic manner. Meaning that all production would occur in relation to the actual demand of what is wanted. All citizens would hold Direct Democratic Authority over the means of production. Production itself would be automated in a way that’s in harmony with the earth and facilitation committees would act as the ultimate oversight to keep automation and cybernated systems under control. All Input, Output, Distribution, and Recycling process of production would become automated with machines crunching the numbers with human oversight. With society as a whole oriented towards a state of harmony with one another a new set of social priorities would set in. Humanity would once again be free to pursue Higher Knowledge and Quest for Enlightened Consciousness an eternal search that has always been the characteristic of humanity as a whole. Our nature is curiosity and it is modern day materialist society telling us to shop, Shop, Shop that has convinced us that we don’t need to seek higher knowledge. A Directivist advocates this pursuit of knowledge and self betterment over a consumer mentality. A Directivist seeks answers beyond just what things like the Scientific Method can provide. For Directivists The Scientific Method can only provide answers based on what we can see. For The Directivist the Intuitive Method of actual and direct experience leads to Rationalization, Understanding, and Conclusion. Just as the Scientific Method of Observation, Theory, Evidence, also leads to Conclusion its probably for this reason that in India The Intuitive Method was used to discover Gravity centuries before it was discovered by The Observed (Scientific) Method. For the Directivist the ideal future is an enlightened one that is free of all the monetary ideas such as Monarchy, Capitalism, Mercantilism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, etc. which governed The Age of Pisces. For The Directivist dreams of the next Aeon of Aquarius being the Age of a Dharmic Directivist society which can give rise to an Enlightened and Ascended Age of humanity unified and seeking Global Transcendence. The Directivist believes Money creates Hate, Fear and Envy, while the ideal Directivist Society creates Loving Compassion. The Directivist seeks to nurture the positive emotions of humanity and divorce all the negative emotions which are characteristic of this Aeon. If this sounds like you then perhaps you’re a Directivist!