World Freedom Demo – The Worlds Largest Demonstration


World Freedom Demo
World Freedom Demo

In these revolutionary times where people are waking up and braking free from dictatorships, debt enslavement, egoism and how the banks have ruled the world, this is the time for a WORLD FREEDOM DEMONSTRATION.

The goal of this event is to gather millions of people all over the world on the FaceBook group World Freedom Demo and also spread the word elsewhere, and make enough peoplebecome aware of the Demonstration. The date has been set: 11.11.11.

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When millions of people ALL OVER THE WORLD gather AT THE SAME DAY in the streets of their hometowns in support of suppressed people all over the planet this will have a huge effect.

Now is the time to end dictatorships.

Now is the time to change the monetary system.

Now is the time to create a new world, together.

Now is the time to collaborate and look at this planet as ONE BIG FAMILY.

Now is the time.