Zeitgeist Moving Forward – The New Zeitgeist Movie

Peter Joseph is soon due with his new film, Zeitgeist Moving Forward, the follow up to the two previous Zeitgeist movies. Many people are waiting in anticipation for this film, that is ready for release in 60 countries and 20 languages (as he states on his page) in January 2011. The film will of course address the inadequacies of today’s current social, cultural and economic system on the planet, as he has done before. What will be new remains to see, but I have some thoughts.

The official trailer implies not much more than what the previous films were about. Still, as I have heard PJ speak about this film, he has revealed that it will be more about the solutions to today’s problems, rather than more ranting on the problems. Let’s hope this is accurate.

If so, more presentation of workable solutions will be discussed, like a resource based economy (that was barely touched upon in the last film), permaculture and other sustainable solutions to food production, and probably many other technological solutions that can be utilized in tomorrow’s world, like nanotechnology and such.

There is an ‘unofficial trailer’ to the film as well. Don’t know why it is called ‘unofficial’, since it is on the official Zeitgeist YouTube channel. Anyway. In the trailer, a young Ram Dass is talking about the notion that ‘we are all one’. Maybe this implies a spiritual discussion in Zeitgeist Moving Forward as well, even though I doubt it. In any case, we all look forward to seeing the new Zeitgeist movie. Let’s hope it has a massive impact on the society we live in, and manages to contribute to the change we all long for. Here’s the ‘unofficial trailer’: